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INDIA WILL CREATE HISTORY: Malaysia is going to visit India this month for Tejas trial, 36 Aircraft is on line

As Indian Tejas was recently ordered in large numbers by the Indian Air Force, it also attracted many foreign countries.


Big failure on Attempts of defaming India’s Tejas Fighter. Malaysia gave a snappy reply

The attempt of Korean media to defame Indian fighter jet Tejas brutally failed and backfired at them when they tried


French Rafale and Mirage 2000 fighter jets fired nuclear missiles, is Europe heading towards war?

In the midst of war in Europe, France has also stepped up its war preparations. On Wednesday, Rafale and Mirage

U.S.A F-35

Did America’s F-35 fighter plane fail? Why US Airforce wants to get rid of

The US Air Force wants to get rid of its F-35 stealth fighter jet. Charles Brown Jr., chief of the


Indonesian submarine lost

Indonesian submarine lost in ocean, 53 people onboard. India sent quick help.

As Indian Navy sent its Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV) to assist Indonesian Navy in trying to find its submarine,

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America shows its friendship to India, Tension in China. India to obtain three 127mm guns from US inventory

The US Navy is set to supply three ‘127 medium caliber guns from its own inventory for urgent deployment on

Defence Tech

Swarm Drone

India first in the world to develop Swarm Drone

India became first country in the world to develop Swarm Drone. Two days ago Indian Army announced that they will


Game-Changer For Indian Army – Why ‘Made In India’ ATAGS Give Powerful Artillery Edge To Defense Forces?

One of the real successes of the ‘Made in India’ story in defense manufacturing has been the Advanced Towed Artillery

MIG 21

MIG 21 turning into drones. Is it possible?

According to Vietnamese Defence report with Vietnam Air Force retired MIG 21 is planned to be converted into combat drones.