Achievement ! Just after Drone attacks, India made its own ‘Iron dome’- Indrajal

The drone attack on the Indian Air Force (IAF) base in Jammu has stunned the security agencies including the Air Force. Jammu Air Force Station is about 15 kilometers from the Pakistan border.

War is coming? Chinese S-400 deployed at LAC, What’s India’s preparation for War?

Drones have been used for the first time for a terrorist attack in India and it has become clear from this attack that the forces will now have to prepare themselves for a new type of war. During this attack, an Indian company has prepared the country’s first such drone defense system, which will be able to thwart many such threats coming from the enemy’s side of unmanned aerial vehicles, weapons and such.

Ready after 8 years of hard work

The name of this drone defense system is ‘Indrajal’ and it has been prepared by Green Robotics. This is the country’s first indigenous drone defense system. This drone defense thwarts threats from 1000 to 2000 square kilometers. Green Robotics has prepared it after 8 years of hard work. Retired Defense Scientist, Vice Chief of Army Staff, Director of BEL and retired officers of the Air Force, who are on the advisory board of Green Robotics, have helped a lot in preparing it.

System will work in all weather

Indrajal Drone Defense System is being seen as the third revolution in the episode of Modern Warfare. It has been prepared with the technology based on Artificial Intelligence. Apart from this, cyber security and robotics which can sense the threat on a real time basis and take immediate action based on that have also been used. Whether the threat is a single UAV or a simultaneous attack of several UAVs, Indrajal can thwart every threat. Some of the things that Indrajal can do are as follows-

Real time estimation of the situation.
Integrate with every current weapon and take action accordingly.
As soon as Indrajal becomes active, it creates a network like network.
The system can monitor, track and take action in all weather conditions throughout the year.

Defense Wing Commander (Retd) MVN Sai, CEO, Green Robotics, said conventional weapons cannot take any action against a swarm of UAVs. But Indrajal can thwart every threat as a shield.

Why is Drone Defense System Important?

After the terrorist attack in Jammu, the country needs a system that fails the threat coming from the enemy. Along with this, a system is also needed now which can prepare the armies for modern warfare as well. In today’s era of artificial intelligence and robotics, war cannot be fought only with weapons and command based defense system. Artificial intelligence and robotics have been used in the attack on the Air Force station in Jammu on June 27.

The terrorists dropped explosives with the help of drones close to the Mi-17 helicopter hangar. It is clear from this attack that today terrorists all over the world have modern technology like UAVs. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has also deployed artificial intelligence-like drones on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to keep an eye on the Indian Army.

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