Akash Missile export gets approved, India in race with America, China and Russia

Now India’s Akash Missile System will be the first indigenously built defence weapon which will be exported to other countries. On 30th December 2020 Modi Cabinet approved the export of Akash Missile System which is ingeniously developed by India and has an accuracy of more than 90%. This was announced by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. This export version will be different from Akash Missile System which is deployed with Indian Armed forces.

Indo-France War Games near Pakistan

Missiles and Air force of a nation are the backbones of a country defence. Better the missile system the better will be a country protected from the incursion of enemy drones and planes. They will always be ready to reply to them a bitter answer. Further, every country should make its own missiles rather than purchasing from other friendly nations. There may be a threat of conflict even with friends which may create difficulties in future. So indigenous missiles can protect the country better in all conditions.

Akash is a medium-range, supersonic cruise missile. Its maximum speed is 2.8 to 3.5 Mach. Akash missile ranges more than 40 km and weight is about 720 kg and can fly to an altitude of 18,000 m. This missile is set up in Tata motors heavy mobility trucks which could be an 8 by 8 or 12 by 12 high-mobility truck and also used for all-wheel drive. In a single truck, three Akash missiles could be carried with the missile launcher.

It was been manufactured jointly by DRDO, BDL, BEL, L&T and TATA of India. Akash engine comes in two types. The first type uses solid booster and Ramjet sustainer motor while another variant is under development which will have Dual pulse solid rocket motor. It uses command guidance along with data link and active radar homing.

Whole Akash System consists of two separate sections. Rocket is designed and developed by DRDO & BDL whereas Radar and control system is manufactured by BEL, L&T and TATA.

Akash missile

It came into service in 2009. Since then more than 3000 Akash missile is built. The cost for each unit of Akash missile system is the US $ 2 million. Akash Missile ranges up to 40 km.

There are three variants of Akash missile developed-MK 1 with range 30 km, MK 2 with range 40 km and MK 3 with range 50 km( under development).



First test flight of Akash was conducted in 1990 with the Second test in March 1997.

Its Third test was conducted in 2005 with full Radar and control system- 3D CAR (Central Acquisition Radar).



This missile was developed on request of Indian Army which has seeker capacity. Its First test was conducted on 25 May and the Second test on 27 May 2019. It has a range of 25 km.



The first test of the missile was conducted on 27 May 2019. It has a range of 40 km and it travelled faster than MK 1 and has more accurate SAM.

MK III- Akash NG ( Next Generation)

This missile is currently under development and will have a greater range than MK2. It will have a range of 50 km. Its development was approved in September 2016.


Talking about the specification of Akash missile it has a length of 5.78 meters and diameter of 0.3 meters to 0.35 meter. It weighs 720 kg and it could carry payload up to 60 kg. It can cruise at a maximum speed of Mach 3.5. It comes in various ranges as discussed above.

Length/Diameter5.78 m/ 0.30 m-0.35 m
Weight of Missile720 kg
Payload60 kg
Maximum Speed2.8-3.5 Mach
Range30 km for MK1,
40 km for MK2,
50 km for MK3

Akash Missile Updates

Akash missile latest news states that India has deployed Akash missile along with other cruise missiles near LAC on the verge of Indo-China conflict. India is conducting various tests on its all the missile system to keep it ready in advance due to border tensions with China and Pakistan.

From so many years India has been developing their indigenous missile, and naval assets at very slow speed but after the confrontation with China near LAC India has increased the pace of its production of defence equipment It has been working on various missile projects at the same time but tests were conducted rarely. In one year only 2 tests were conducted before but now India has conducted 8-10 Missile tests within 2 months.

All the missiles are very much different from each other and have different technologies than another. Its ranges are increasing day by day. India is even working in their 5 Aircraft projects as well.

All the missiles are either ready or on the last stage of tests.

Each missile is deployed near LOC and LAC looking after the threat from Pakistan and China respectively.

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