India successfully test-fires 25 Pinaka rockets, can destroy targets up to 45km. Will be deployed at LAC

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) on Friday said it has successfully tested enhanced versions of indigenously developed Pinaka missile beams and 122 mm caliber missiles from a Multi-Range Missile (MBRL) in the Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Chandipur off the coast of Odisha.

Twenty-five improved Pinaka missiles were launched with rapid success against targets in various ranges on Thursday and Friday. All mission objectives were met during the launches. The Ministry of Defense in a statement that the extended version of the Pinaka Missile System can destroy targets at distances up to 45 km.

India had tested enhanced version of Pinaka Mk I Missile system on 4th November 2020. As we know Indo-Chinese borders are along long Himalayan ranges so it is very difficult to destroy Chinese army establishment by the help of Air force or ballistic and cruise missiles with a good success rate. Pinaka missiles are made for such a terrain fight. These missiles are capable of destroying Chinese bunkers hidden in mountain with 100% precision. It can fire 12 missiles in less than a minute.

Pinaka Missile System is a multi barrel missile made by the DRDO for controlling the situations during war between India and Pakistan. It is a waterproof missile. It is formed by the company of Tata and Larsen & Toubro. It was designed in 1986. Pinaka missile ranges from 40 km to 90 km.

There are three variants of Pinaka missile has been developed Pinaka Mk 1 Pinaka Mk II and Pinaka Mk III. Its preparation started in 1990. The first version of Pinaka was developed having range of 40 km. Its main use is to destroy the bunker and weapons stores of enemy. In the 1999 Kargil war Pinaka played an important role in winning the war by destroying the enemy camp, bunker and supply line. This all was done by the Pinaka version Mach 1 variant.

It uses ring laser gyro inertial navigation system along with GPS/NavIC satellite guidance.

Mach 2 variant missile, second version of Pinaka’s preparation was going on and had a successful result when the first missile test took place in 2019 and having a range of 90 km. Third version of Pinaka missile is under development. It will have range of 120 km.

In around 44 seconds it can fire 12 missiles by single launcher and 72 missiles per battery at the pinpoint. Indian Pinaka missile launcher has 12 missile sections in each truck.

The cost of single unit of Pinaka rocket system which consists of 72 missiles is US $ 3.5 million. Since 1998 almost 5000 Pinaka missiles are produced every year.

Pinaka missile

Pinaka Mk I

pinaka 1

The first trial of Pinaka missile was conducted on January and December 2013 at Chandipura Test Range, Orissa.

The second test of this missile was conducted on 22- 23 May 2016 at Chandipura.

The third test of this missile to the US conducted on 12 to 24 January 2017 at Chandipura.

4th test of this missile was conducted on 23 May 2018.

5th test was conducted on 11th March 2019.

The latest test is conducted on 4th November 2020.


Length/Diameter4.95 m/214 mm
Weight of Missile276 kg
Payload100 kg
Maximum Speed4.7 Mach
Range40 km

Pinaka Mk II


The first test of Pinaka Mark II was conducted on 19-20 December 2019 at Chandipura, Balasore district Orissa.


Length/Diameter5.20 m/214 mm
Weight of Missile276 kg
Payload150-250 km
Maximum Speed4.7 Mach
Range90 km

Pinaka MK III

It is currently under the development phase. DRDO in collaboration with Israel Military Industries is working to improve CEP and added GPS which will carry more payload to a greater range.


Length/Diameter7.20 m/214 mm
Weight of Missile276 kg
Payload250 km
Maximum Speed4.7 Mach
Range120 km

Pinaka Missile Updates

Recent updates on missile states that India has deployed Pinaka missile along with other cruise missiles near LAC on the verge of Indo-China conflict. India is conducting various tests on its all missile system to keep it ready in advance due to border tensions with China and Pakistan.

For so many years India has been developing their indigenous missile, aircraft, and naval assets at a very slow speed but after the confrontation with China near LAC India has increased the pace of its production of defence equipment.

India has been working on various missile projects at the same time but tests were conducted rarely. In one year only 2 tests were conducted before but now India has conducted 8-10 Missile tests within 2 months.

All the missiles are very much different from each other and have different technologies than others. Its ranges are increasing day by day. India is even working on their 5 Aircraft projects as well.

All the missiles are either ready or on the last stage of tests.

Each Pinaka Missile is deployed near LOC and LAC looking after the threat from Pakistan and China respectively.

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