Big Surgical Strike in Pakistan. Many Terrorist and Army man killed

Iran Surgical Strike in Pakistan: The Iranian army rescued two of its soldiers by a vigorous surgical strike along the Pakistan border. Both these soldiers were in the possession of Jahab ul-Adal, a Wahhabi terrorist group for almost two and a half years.

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Fueled by the relentless onslaught of Pakistani terrorists, the Iranian army, while on its way to India, allegedly entered the Pakistani border and carried out a surgical strike and rescued two of its soldiers. It is being told that Iran’s highly trained revisionary guards attacked the hideout of the Pakistani terrorist organization Jaish al-Adal and rescued their jawans for nearly two and a half years. According to Iran’s Fars News Agency, Jaish ul-Adal is a radical Wahhabi terrorist group that borders Iran in southwestern Pakistan.

The Fars News Agency reported that Jaish ul-Adal had taken responsibility for the attack on the Iran army in February 2019, in which many soldiers were killed. The Iran Army carried out this ‘surgical strike’ on Tuesday night based on secret information. The Iranian army issued a statement saying, “On Tuesday night, a successful operation has been carried out and two captive soldiers were rescued in the possession of Jaish-ul-Adal for the last two and a half years.”

Iran declared Jaish-ul-Adal a terrorist organization The statement said that Iranian soldiers have successfully returned to the country. According to the Anadolu agency, on October 16, 2018, Jaish ul-Adal kidnapped 12 Iranian border guards. The incident was carried out in the city of Merkava in Balochistan province of Pakistan. The area is located near the Pakistan-Iran border. After this, the army of both the countries formed a joint committee to rescue the soldiers.

Jaish-ul-Adal left 5 of these soldiers in November 2018. On 21 March 2019, the Pakistani army in its action had rescued 4 other members of the Iranian army. Iran has declared Jaish-ul-Adal as a terrorist organization. This organization continues to carry out armed operations against Iran. This includes Baloch Sunni Muslims who claim to protect the rights of the Iran Sunnis.

Who is Jaish ul-Adal terrorist organization Jaish ul-Adal has been active on the Pakistan-Iran border for a long time and he attacked the Iranian paramilitary base and killed several Iranian army personnel. The militant group has a base in south-Pakistan and started its operations by joining members of the Sunni militant group Jundullah in its group. Iran had arrested the commanders of Jundullah. After this, his remaining members went to Jaish-ul-Adal.

In 2014, Jaish-ul-Adal also kidnapped 5 Iranian border guards from the border of Sistan and Balochistan and took them inside Pakistan. About two months later four soldiers were released and one soldier was killed. His body was found in Iran. In March 2015, Salam Rigi, a leader of Jaish-ul-Adal, was arrested by a bus.

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