Breaking News: Clash between Indian Army and PLA over LAC, Many Chinese soldiers injured

There has been a clash between Indian Army personnel and Chinese PLA soldiers at LAC in Sikkim. The Indian Army informed that there was a minor skirmish between India and China on the Naku-La border in North Sikkim and this was resolved by negotiation by the local level commanders. Now there has been a reaction to this news from the Chinese side too.

China has built Village in Indian territory of Arunachal Pradesh

The editor of China’s mouthpiece Global Times has said that there has been no such clash. There is no record of any such skirmish in China. Small skirmishes continue on the India-China border. He said that if there was any such skirmish in which the soldiers were injured, they would definitely be taken on record and reported.

According to information received from sources, there was a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers on LAC in Nakula, Sikkim on 20 January. Indian soldiers were patrolling in Nakula, when they saw Chinese soldiers coming from the front, Indian soldiers stopped the Chinese soldiers and they came down on the melee. The clash is reported to have injured some Chinese soldiers.

Indian Army and PLA

It is noteworthy that Naku La is the same place where there was a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers on May 9 last year. After this, there was a violent skirmish between the soldiers of India and China in Pengong Lake area of East Ladakh and since then there has been a military standoff for almost nine months. Meanwhile, another round of corps commander-level talks took place on Sunday between the Indian and Chinese forces aimed at the withdrawal of troops from all tensions in eastern Ladakh.

The dispute with China has been going on since last year. In Ladakh, the armies of the two countries have been standing face to face since the month of April-May in East Ladakh. Amidst this controversy, in the month of June last year, the forces of India and China clashed in Galvan. In this skirmish, India has broken China. More than 40 Chinese soldiers were piled by Indian soldiers. This incident broke China so much that it did not affect the morale of the army, so it did not even respect the number of its soldiers killed and did not give information about their number. In this incident, 20 soldiers of India gave their supreme sacrifice.

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