Can Iran and Turkey start a Nuclear War against India? Do they really have nuclear weapons?

Today with India’s rising tensions with China and China’s increasing interest in Turkey and Iran, may make these two countries a big enemy of India.

India’s relation with Iran was good before but now it has been breaking due to US sanctions on Iran and India’s declining investment in its country.

Recently China has promised a 400 billion trade deal with Iran which will definitely move Iran on the Chinese side. On the other hand, Turkey was never good with India and it has always opposed India on all international level meetings and favoured Pakistan. Recently on the matter of Kashmir Turkey warned India and helped Pakistan to raise this matter at the UN Security Council.

Today China has also started raising its interest in Turkey which may make India and Turkey relation worse than before. So India has to also be careful about the threat of Turkey’s nuclear weapon which it has forcefully captured from America and NATO.

Today 9 countries in the world possess a nuclear weapon. USA, UK, France, China, and Russia are the countries posing nuclear weapons and members of NPT. Other countries like India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea also carry nuclear weapons. But there are two other countries in the world which is either working on the nuclear weapon or they have successfully developed their nuclear weapon. These two countries are Iran and Turkey. Even there are lots of money wasted for intelligence on Iran and Turkish nuclear program but there is very little information available on it.


nuclear weapon
Iran nuclear sites

Iran has signed a non-nuclear-weapon state treaty of NPT (non-proliferation treaty) in 1970. But it has been working on the advanced nuclear program since 2002.

It is believed that Iran has got its nuclear program technology from South Africa. Due to this nuclear program, Iran has faced many U.S and international sanctions. But in 2015 Iran signed a nuclear deal with the U.S in July 2015 under ex-President Barack Obama which allowed Iran to continue its nuclear program and withdrew its all sanctions. This deal was named as a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA.

After the US election in 2016, Donald Trump came to be the president of America. He canceled this deal in May 2015 and accused Iran of not fulfilling certain criteria of this deal. But the actual reason for this withdrawal maybe Trump and Israeli President Netanyahu’s good relationship. As Israel and Iran are big rivals for decades, Iran holding nuclear capability would certainly hurt Israel. Even Donald Trump doesn’t like Iran very much.

Iran Nuclear facility
Iran Nuclear facility at Arak

After the withdrawal of this deal the, economy of Iran crashed. The sanctions on Iran were raised again and this time it was even more than before. Some of the new sanctions like export of oil and gas from Iran and import of arms and weapons by Iran Army were also added.

As we know that Iran’s economy is based on its oil reserves so this sanction came to be a big disaster for Iran. Iran’s GDP and currency crashed badly and there was a big crisis in the country. After some appeal in the UN Security Council and due to its harsh response, Iran decided to develop its nuclear program by itself. Iran raised the speed of its nuclear program and despite international sanctions continued its work. It is believed that Iran has certainly made its own Nuclear weapon or it is on the verge of achieving it.

Natanz nuclear site satellite image
Natanz nuclear site satellite image

Israel has even got the intelligence about Iran nuclear weapons and they have attacked Iran nuclear site of Natanz at midnight on 30 June 2020. As we know that Israel has the best intelligence network in the world so their actions against Iran explain the fear of the existence of Iranian nuclear weapons.

Some expert says that Iran may have 2-5 tactical nuclear weapons which are hidden in the most secure underground military base of Iran. There are also so many claims made by the C.I.A that Iran has developed its nuclear facility of Arak and Fordo into Nuclear weapon development zone but there is no proof of this claim.

A few years ago Mossad has claimed that Iran has kept its nuclear arsenal near Isfahan site. Mossad Spy network has even reached the secret documents of the Iranian Nuclear program which confirmed Iran’s intentions of Nuclear weapons. Mossad has even murdered an Iranian scientist who was involved in the Iran nuclear program. Later that Mossad Spy was sentenced to death by Iran.

Now India has to also worry about Iran’s nuclear weapon because it is now falling into China’s debt trap. As China has played a similar investment card with Pakistan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka and encircled India. Similarly, it is also certainly going to use Iran against India.


The root of Turkish nuclear weapons is based on the NATO decision to make Turkey an ally nation. As we know that NATO was formed with the purpose to counter Russia and its nuclear warhead. They all were Christian majority countries but to maintain a power balance in the Middle East they also invited Turkey as its first non-Christian Ally. It was believed that the rivalry between Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and peace in the Middle East can be controlled and overcome by Turkish deployment into NATO.

Turkey Incirlik Airbase satellite image
Turkey Incirlik Airbase satellite image

Further Turkish Incirlik airbase was converted into a NATO base. Turkey was provided with all advanced fighter jets, missiles and other technologies of the U.S and European Union. As we know that for decades USA has deployed around 2,000 of its nuclear warhead all around its bases of NATO and other ally nations. Show Turkish Incirlik airbase was also provided with 60-70 nuclear warheads.

It is believed that Turkey has been reverse-engineering the NATO and US Nuclear technology to build its own nuclear weapons. After the Mediterranean Sea conflict between Greece and Turkey relation between Turkey and NATO has been in trouble. This also raised tensions between Turkey and the USA.

Turkey heavy water reactor
Turkey heavy water reactor

Further, this tension between Turkey and the USA was started long ago in 2019 when Turkey attacked the Kurdish fighter in Syria. These fighters were supported by America. Even the European Union and NATO also condemned this attack. These Kurdish fighters fought for their life and wiped out ISIS terrorists from Syria and Iraq.

The Kurdish community just wanted their separate homeland near the smaller region of Iraq, Syria, and the Turkish border. They were promised by the USA to raise this matter in the UN Security Council if they support them against ISIS. On the other hand, Turkey opposed this because they don’t want to lose even an inch of its territory so they decided to wipe the whole Kurdish ethnic community.

So after this brutal attack on Kurdish people, NATO started to break apart and started to shift their soldiers, assets, and weapons from Turkey’s Incirlik airbase to Crete Naval base of Greece. The USA even kicked out Turkey from its F-35 5th generation stealth fighter jet program.

Turkey underground nuclear base
Turkey underground nuclear base

Today almost all assets and weapons of U.S and NATO have been shifted to Greek base except some nuclear warheads. The US can only move it’s 10 to 20 nuclear weapons from Turkish base waste of 40-50 nuclear weapons are still kept hostile by the Turkish Army.

The U.S and NATO members are not even allowed to visit the site where these nuclear arsenals are kept. So now Turkey may not have made any nuclear weapon but they have full access of these nuclear weapons which they will not hesitate to use against Greece, France, USA, or other NATO members.

It is also possible that these sites where nuclear weapons were kept actually didn’t have any Nuclear weapon and Turkey may have dismantled these nuclear weapons to make their own nuclear warheads or they may have reverse engineer these nuclear missiles to create their own Missile system.

Turkey nuclear sites
Turkey nuclear sites

Turkey has already developed two nuclear sites in its coastal regions of Akkuyu site and Sinop site. For a couple of years, there is a large movement seen in these sites. The existence of the Turkish nuclear program can also be understood by the speech of Turkish president R.T Erdogan when he stated his interest in developing Nuclear weapons in the UN Security Council meeting of 2020.

There are lots of chances that Turkey may deploy its forces against India and support Pakistan if a war broke out. In those conditions, Turkey may also use its nuclear weapon against India.

So we may expect that the two dangerous countries in the world Turkey and Iran posing nuclear weapons can create mass destruction in the Middle East region. Still, it is not confirmed that if they actually have a nuclear weapon or not. But experts around the world are worried about their nuclear capability and suggest not taking this matter lightly. If there is even a 1% chance of the existence of nuclear weapons in these two countries then it is not only a threat for the Middle East but it is a threat for the whole world.

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