China and Russia’s security platform in front of the Quad, what will India do now?

The proposal comes after a meeting between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrof in the southern Chinese city of Guilin.

In the meeting, the foreign ministers of the two countries also attacked the US for forming small groups for regional confrontation.

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This meeting took place after the US-China summit on March 19 and the Quad summit on March 12.

The two sides stated in a joint press release that, “The two sides also proposed the establishment of a ‘Regional Security Dialogue Forum’ to forge a new consensus to address the security concerns of countries in the region.”

China and Russia are already part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) security group, which also includes India.

The press release stated, “The international community believes that the United States should consider the damage to global peace and development in recent years, interfering with other countries’ domestic affairs and for small regional conflicts -Smoking groups should stop.

In this meeting, America was completely targeted by China and Russia. America has been warned about forming small groups, the gesture is towards groups of four countries.

The proposal of the Regional Security Forum is also being seen on the lines of the Quad itself.

What is QUAD


The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue , also known as QUAD, is an informal political dialogue group between the US, India, Japan and Australia.

In 2007, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe proposed it for the first time, which was supported by India, America and Australia. After this, they had a meeting this year.

The reason behind the establishment of the Quad is said to be preventing the growing influence of China. The US sees China as a growing challenge.

From the trade war between the two countries, the rhetoric has surfaced openly many times in internal matters.

At the same time, Australia and Japan also have a confrontation with China in the South China Sea. India’s border dispute with China is years old and recently the borders of both countries are present face to face on the border in Ladakh.

The four member countries have come together on a platform in the region of India, America, Australia and Japan through the Quad Security Dialogue.

China and Russia angry on the Quad

However, both China and Russia have expressed their reservations about the quad.

China’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Luo Zhaohui, has also called the quad ‘anti-China frontline’ or ‘mini-NATO’. Experts believe that there is a concern in China that the quad group may become a threat to it by taking an anti-China shape in the future.

At the same time, Russia has also fully supported China in this. Russia had also expressed fears of the threat to its regional security from the Quad.

It has also raised concerns about the ‘Beka’ agreement reached in the quad countries.

Beka means Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA). Under this agreement, India and the United States will share state-of-the-art military technology, equipment and geospatial maps with each other.

American challenge and China-Russia seem close

Similarly, in many cases, Russia and China have been seen coming together for a long time. The statements of the two countries reflect close and positivity.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called Russia’s President Vladimir Putin his ‘best friend’ during a three-day visit in June 2019.

During that time the trade war was going on between China and America and both were constantly increasing tariffs on each other.

Apart from this, despite the US sanctions, China has continued to trade with Russia.

Both countries are also playing a prominent role in the Afghan-Taliban talks. Both have shown close proximity in many issues and areas.

This close proximity of Russia and China and the challenge posed by the Quad has given rise to the idea of ​​a separate platform for regional security.

Dr. Harsh Pant, director at the Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation, says, “Since the time of the Cold War, Russia and China have been anti-national. But today both of them look like friends on the same platform. Actually, at this time both China and Russia are running on the anti-West agenda. The challenge from America has brought the two countries together in the last few years. “

“Russia’s foreign policy is also based on opposition from Western countries at this time. At the same time, China also remains a target of the US. In this way, the interests of both have become interlinked. That is why they want to meet the challenge of America together. “

Politics of pressure

The United States has raised the issue of human rights many times in China over the protests in Vigar Muslims and Hong Kong. There is a trade war between the two countries in 2018-2019. At the same time, in the border dispute between China and India, the US has openly supported India.

Recently, the European Union has imposed sanctions on China for alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang province, which China also retaliated.

Talking about Russia, recently US President Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin ‘deadly’, then Putin said that “we are like that, we see the same.”

In a recent interview, Joe Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have to pay the price for alleged tampering in the election.

Harsh Pant says, “Both China and Russia are seeing America as a big problem. There was not so much seriousness about the quad before. China too was not worried about it. India too was hesitant to join it. But now, on seeing the quad, the quad landed on the ground and its virtual conference was also held. ”

“At the same time, the expectation of some changes in China’s Biden administration has also disappeared. Biden is also as aggressive about China as Donald Trump was. That is why China along with Russia is challenging America. “

Harsh Pant says that this is also a kind of pressure politics. When a powerful country is challenged, it wants to show that it is no less than anyone. Both countries also want to give this message to America and its allies that they too can make a system on the lines of the Quad.

Circumstances from the cold war

In the changing geopolitical environment, these new alliances are expected to affect the entire region.

While America is looking for its allies in Asia, China and Russia will also start looking for their allies. Then there will be a challenge in front of many countries as to which side they would like to go.

Atul Bhardwaj, a visiting fellow at the City University of London, says that in a way, the world seems to be going into a cold war-like situation, this time around which is Asia.

He explains, “China is associated with other countries at the economic level and the US at the military level. Therefore, in future, there will be a challenge in front of all the countries that how to balance between America and China. “

“Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Eurasian countries can join China and Russia. They may also get support from North Korea. There is a new kind of boil in international politics. “

At the same time, Harsh Pant says that ‘these conditions will force the formation of such organizations or alliances that will give the appearance of cold war. In today’s environment, fragmentation has taken place. This fragmentation is also seen in business and technology. Like last year Britain had said that the world’s democratic countries should gather and make 5G. Why should you depend on China for this?

However, it must also be noted that China and America are also dependent on each other at the trade level which was not there during the Soviet Union. At the same time, China has not yet become so powerful that it can directly challenge America. Therefore, there is no cold war situation, but the country is definitely divided.

Challenge for india

India is also not untouched by the challenge that is going to be faced by Asian countries. From now on, there is a situation of confusion for India.

The first challenge before India is about Russia. There has been a lot of intensification in the relations between Russia and India. Russia has always supported India on international forums. At the same time, India purchases most of its weapons from Russia.

However, tensions have been seen in the relationship between the two countries since time immemorial. Russia is growing friendship with China and has also recently conducted military exercises with Pakistan.

At the same time, the US has been eyeing the purchase of S-400 missile system from Russia. He also sees India as a big defense market.

Due to this, it has become more difficult for India to strike a balance between their new and old friend.

Harsh Pant says, “India would like its relations with Russia to remain strong.” But, if Russia is moving so close to China, then India too will have to assess how it needs to improve relations with Russia. But, here too India has its compulsions and China remains the biggest challenge before it. Therefore, Russia also has to understand this. “

“The basis of China-Russia relations is the Western opposition in which India cannot support because in the deadlock with China, America has openly supported India while Russia has tried for reconciliation. Here the interests of both the countries collide completely. In such a situation, it has to be seen how the two countries, riding on opposite streams, stay together. “

Similarly, countries like Iran and Afghanistan have also been close to India, which are moving closer to China in changing equations. Therefore, this can be a difficult situation for India.

Atul Bhardwaj says that India is also involved in SCO and RIC (Russia, India and China) group and also in Quad. If the situation gets more serious then the question will arise that how can India live together in both. However, the Indian government must be thinking on how to maintain our interest in this uncertain world.

Amid changing alliances, America or China will also be a big question in front of many other countries.

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