China sends nuclear bomber to Taiwan border, biggest incursion with 20 fighters

China made the biggest incursion into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone on Friday in the southern part of China in the South China Sea.

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The entry of 20 fighter jets, including four nuclear bomber H-6K from China, triggered the Taiwan Air Force into action and immediately deployed killer missiles to kill these Chinese aircraft. Not only this, Taiwan’s fighter jet also warned Chinese aircraft. After this incident, tension in Taiwan Strait has increased a lot.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Defense, this was the largest incursion by China. These 20 fighter jets included four nuclear bombers H-6K, J-16 and J-10 fighter aircraft and Avax surveillance aircraft. The Chinese Air Force has been infiltrating Taiwan’s territory for the past few months. He claims that Taiwan is a part of China. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said that some of China’s aircraft passed through the Bashi Channel, which separates it from the Philippines.

Chinese tactic from Taiwan to India, tremendous fortification not only on sea but also on land.

Practice of attack on American warships

Practice of attack on American warships

A person associated with Taiwan’s security planning said that the Chinese military is practicing an attack on American warships that pass through the Bashi Channel. Taiwan has said that China’s move has endangered regional stability. Taiwan said that the arrival of 20 aircraft, including nuclear bombers, is a highly unusual event in itself. China has sent the aircraft at a time when Taiwan has stopped all training programs after two of its aircraft crashed.

China has not yet responded to Taiwan’s statement. China often says that the purpose of these flights is to protect the country’s sovereignty. Recently entered into an agreement with Taiwan to challenge China’s Coast Guard. There is an agreement between Taiwan and the US that if there is a crisis on Taiwan’s security, it will come to help.

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