Chinese Media Accepted that China fears from India and U.S alliance. Read full report

Chinese government and PLAN official newspaper today reported that they are in concern and panic due to the extensive defensive measures and exercise done by Indian and US Navy in Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. Today they publish the reports indicating that the decision of IAF to sending the Sukhoi Su30mki multirole fighters and Sepcat Jaguar fighter bombers to join the exercise PASSEX in Bay of Bengal.

Currently two Indian Navy Shivalik class guided missile frigates INS Shivalik and INS Satpura,a Fleet Oil tanker INS Deepak conducting exercise PASSEX with US Navy Carrier Strike Group 12 led by Nimitz class carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt,her excort ship Ticonderoga class air defense guided missile cruisers USS Vicksburg & USS Normandy.

The antisubmerine and surface escort duty of Roosvelt was led by Destroyer Squadron 2 consisting seven US Algeri Burke class destroyers led by USS Forest Sherman.Roosvelt has it’s own defense also consisting a Rim7 Sea Sparrow surface to air missile system,a Rolling AirFrame counter antiship/cruise missile missile system and two Phalax CIWS 20mm rapid fire gatling guns. She can hold 90 combat jets and helicopters including EA-18G Growler electronics warfare,FA-18E/F multirole fighters and SH60 or MH60 Seahawks antisubmerine/SAR helicopters,E2C Hawkeye reconnasion /AWACS aircrafts and C2A Greyhound transport aircrafts.

For Indian Navy our frigates are Shivalik class stealth guided missile general purpose frigates capable of surface escort,antisubmerine or air defense duty.They are equipped with Bell Elora countermeasures and Kavach decoy system,Elta and Bell made radars and sonars,armed with 32 VLS launched Barak 1 missile system against cruise missiles and 24 Shitl 1 surface to air missile system.

VLS launched Klub or Brahmos antiship/land attack cruise missiles.AK-630 CIWS gatling guns,DTA53-956 torpedoes and RBU-6000 asw rocket launchers and a 76mm Oto Melara cannon.It carry two Seaking or HAL Dhruv antisubmerine/SAR helicopters.

Today IAF send a squadron of Su30mki and Jaguars which flew with US Navy FA18F Super Hornets and EA18G Growlers.

In the picture USS Vicksburg is also visible.

USS Vicksburg
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