French Air force at Indo-Pak border, Hustle in Pakistan

India has started its first major Wargames with its new Rafale fighter jets with the French Air force in Jodhpur. As Jodhpur is very close to Pakistan Border so it will be crucial for India as there are already fear in Pakistani camps. This exercise named SKYROS started today i.e. 21/1/2021. 4 French Rafale jets has come to India and along with Indian Rafale, Miraj 2000 and Su-30MKI, they will thunder the sky.

Is China slowly turning its back on BRI projects in Pakistan?

Till now India is equipped with 10 Rafale jets and 5 more presents in France giving training to Indian Pilots. 7 more Rafale jets are going to be added to Indian Air force in April 2021.

What is Rafale?

Rafale Aircraft is a basically 4.5th Generation, Double engine, multi-role air superiority fighter Aircraft designed by Dassault Aviation of France. This company was being founded by Marcel Dassault in 1929. Its Headquarter is in Paris, France. This company is a subsidiary of Dassault Group.

Its is designed and manufactured by Dassault Aviation. Its First flight was being conducted on 4 July 1986 of Rafale A variant and 19 May 1991 of Rafale C variant and it was finally introduced in French Air Force on 18 May 2001.

Today Rafale Jets is being used by French Air Force, French Navy, Egyptian Air Force, Qatar Air Force and Indian Air Force.

Its Production was started in 1986. Till today total 230+ Rafale Aircrafts has been built. Its unit cost is US $ 68 million- US $ 78 million depending upon its variants.



When will India get Rafale?

Currently, Indian Air Force has ordered 36 Rafale of which 5 has been delivered in August and 3 more delivered in October 2020. Other 26 Rafale will be delivered in 2021.

In the recent incidents near the Mediterranean Sea France has shown the power of Rafale and put up some undisputed dominance in the skies. But Rafale gained more its limelight after it came to Indian Air Force.

The demand for Rafale Fighter Jets is increasing day by day from other Nations as well.

Country of OriginFrance
CompanyDassault Aviation
Length/ Width/ Height15.27 m/10. 90 m/5.34 m
Weight10,300 kg
Weapon load4,600 kg
Fire range3,700 km
SpeedMach 1.8
Total no. Of jets240+

Su 35 vs Rafale

Su 35 is a 5th generation Aircraft Whereas Rafale is a 4.5th generation Aircraft. Su 35 has better arms and avionics but Rafale is better in Dog fights and Close Combats.

Su 35 has greater speed and Cheaper than Rafale But Rafale has better fuel economy and better BVR. Su 35 is bigger and heavier than Rafale but Rafale has greater Fire Range.

Su 35 has better handling and better manoeuvre than Rafale but has less Fire Range. Su 35 can carry more weapons than Rafale as it has 12 pods and Rafale have 14 pods.

F 35 vs Rafale

F 35 is a 5th generation Stealth Aircraft Whereas Rafale is a 4.5th generation Aircraft. F 35 has better arms and avionics, better in Dog fights and Close Combats Whereas Rafale has greater speed and greater Range than F35.

F 35 is Stealth Fighter i.e, cannot be caught by Radar but Rafale is Cheaper and has better fuel economy and better BVR.

F 35 has very complex technology whereas Rafale has simple tech. Both have better handling and better manoeuvre. F 35 have 10 and Rafale have 14 Hardpoints each to carry weapons.

MiG 35 vs Rafale

Mig 35 is a 5th generation, stealth fighter whereas Rafale is a 4.5th generation fighter. Rafale is an air superiority multirole fighter whereas Mig 35 is an Interceptor fighter.

Rafale is smaller and lighter than Mig 35 so it can carry fewer payloads than Mig 35. Rafale has better range than Mig 35 and it is also better in Dogfights. Rafale has less speed than Mig 35. Rafale has 14 hardpoints whereas Mig 35 has 12.

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