On the verge of conflict between Greece and Turkey for natural resource in the Mediterranean region, the USA decided to sale there F-35 lightning to Greece.

Further, in July 2019 USA has decided to kick out Turkey from their F-35 program because of Turkey Russia deal of S-400 missile defence system. In March 2020 Turkey was officially kicked out from F-35 program and F 35 fighter jets which were in the production line for Turkish Air Force were sabotaged.

Recently, on 28 October 2020 USA decided to give their F-35 to Greece which was intended to supply to Turkey.

At the first USA opted to give this F-35s to their own Air Force but rising Turkey’s engagement in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict and continuously violating Greek airspace the USA decided to strengthen the Greek Air Force. Turkey has deployed its S-400 missile defence system in response to sanction from the U.S.A, European and Arabic Nations.


But Russia double-crossed Turkey because they already have a strong belief of Turkey’s intention to use this defence system against their own country. So they have not provided them with these S-400 systems with complete technological support.

Now Greece has also deployed their older S-300 defence system in the response of violation of their air space by Turkey’s F-16.

It is said that Russia has quietly upgraded these S-300 systems which have made it quite compatible with S-400 defence system. Russia is also strengthening Greece due to the Turkey support Azerbaijan in conflict with Armenia. As Russia is an ally of Armenia so it has started supporting all the enemies of Turkey.



It is a basically 5th Generation, Single engine, Stealth, multi-role air superiority fighter Aircraft designed by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics of United States of America.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics company was being founded by Allan Lockheed and Malcolm Lockheed who merged with Martin Marietta in 1995. Its Headquarter is at Fort Worth, Texas, United States. This company’s Parent is Lockheed Corporation which was founded in 1926.

Its model and body are designed by Northrop Grumman. It is built by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. Its First official flight was being conducted on 15 December 2006. Total three models of this Aircraft have been developed. They all were finally introduced in U.S Air Force on 31 July 2015(F 35B), 2 August 2016(F 35A) and 28 February 2019(F 35C).

Its Production was started in 2006 after its final testing in the same year. Till today total 560 + F-35 aircraft has been built. Its unit cost is between the US $ 77 – 101 million for different variants.


This aircraft is designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin. F-35 is a single-engine, 5th generation stealth fighter aircraft. It is a medium-weight aircraft with weight 13,290 kg. It is has a medium size. Its length is 15.7 meter, width is 11 meter and height is 4.4 meter. It could carry a weapon load of 9,200 kg and cruise with a speed of Mach 1.6. It has a range of 1500 kilometre. It has a total of 10 hardpoints to carry missiles and rockets. There is a total of 560 F-35 Lightning built till today.


Country of OriginU.S.A
Generation5th Stealth
Length/Width/Height15.7 m/11 m/4.4 m
Weight13,290 kg
Weapon load9,181 kg
SpeedMach 1.6
Fire Range1,500 km
Hard points10(4 internal, 6 external)
Number of Planes built560



S-300 is a long-range, surface to air missile system developed to intercept Ballistic missile. Its radar can detect the enemy aircraft within 360 km. The maximum speed of its missiles are 1,900 m/sec- 2000 m/sec and its weight is between 100-150 kg.

S-300 missile defence system missiles range more than 200 km and weight is about 1,400- 1,800 kg and can destroy target coming with speed of 2,800 km/sec. This missile is set up in 5P85-1 semi-trailer trucks. In a single truck, Four S-400 missile launchers could be carried with its complete launcher system.

It was been developed jointly by NPO Almaz, NPO Novator, NIIP, MKB Fakel and MNIIRE Altair and manufactured by MZiK of Russia. Today there are different versions of the S-300 system has been made and the latest system is S-500 which is under development.

It uses a 30N6 FLAP LID or 3R41 Volna radar for command guidance and terminal semi-active radar homing. It uses 36D6 TIN SHIELD radars for augmentation and target detection earlier than 30N6 radars. The missiles are equipped with contact and Proximity fuse. The missiles are controlled and steered with control fins and thrust vectoring.

This missile was first designed in 1967 and its production started in 1975. Since its first test, more than 1,900 S-300 missile defence system is built. The cost for each unit of Agni missile is the US $ 115 million.



Talking about the specification of S-300 missile defence system its radar range is about 360 km which is capable of all altitude detection. It has a target tracking range of 200 km which can detect 4-6 simultaneous targets at a time. Its missiles have a length of 7.5 meters and diameter of 0.5 meters. It weighs 1400-1800 kg and it could carry payload up to 100-150 kg. It can cruise at a maximum speed of 2,400 m/sec. Its missile maximum range is 400 km.

In Service1975
TypeLong range SAM
Length/Diameter7.5 m/ 0.5 m
Weight of Missile1400- 1800 kg
Payload100-150 kg
Maximum Speed2400 m/sec
Range400 km

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