India- China Commander Level Meet: India caught China’s neck on Taiwan, will this effect be seen in Ladakh?

Core commander-level talks between India and China begin on 9th April . The 11th round of talks will take place in Chushul in eastern Ladakh. As part of this negotiation agenda, decisions will be taken on the withdrawal of the two armies from Gogra and Hot Spring, and on issues related to the Depsang. After retreating from Pangong Lake, both sides will address their issues on unresolved issues. The Chinese military is very cautious about this conversation so that nothing can go wrong. China is under pressure over the Taiwan issue. China is troubled by the increasing interference of the quad countries and India knows this.

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India knows that Taiwan can become the vehicle to stop China’s growing move. China has been asserting Taiwan as an integral part while Taiwan considers itself an independent country. China does not like the strengthening relationship of any country with Taiwan. China is under pressure on the Taiwan issue and there is constant pressure from the quad countries.

The expansionist policy of China is now being watched by many countries. China is enraged at the strengthening of America’s relations with Taiwan and also from India. This is also clear from the fact that when the Chinese newspaper Global Times, in an article that directly supported Taiwan, the dragon has many ways to harm India. At the same time, China’s concern about the quad is also increasing.

There have also been statements from China on the Quad and France’s naval exercises. China said three days ago that military cooperation between different countries should be compatible with regional peace. The remarks came a day after China and other members of the Quad, including France and India, engaged in large-scale naval exercises in the Indian Ocean amid growing Chinese aggression in the region. India and three other members of the Quad – the US, Australia and Japan – conducted a three-day naval exercise with France in the eastern Indian Ocean on Monday.

In the last several rounds of negotiations, China has adopted a stubborn attitude on many issues. However, in this 11th round of talks, China will be somewhere on the backfoot. Together with the Quad, India continues to make plans. China has also seen the power of the quad in the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by the issue of Taiwan. At such a time, the pressure on India will be much more than before and it will not be arbitrary.

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