India first in the world to develop Swarm Drone

India became first country in the world to develop Swarm Drone. Two days ago Indian Army announced that they will develop such drones.

So everyone thought that this technology will enter into the Indian defence till 2024 to 2025, but Indian scientist and Indian Military destroyed every assumptions and today i.e. 6th December they successfully tested this technology.

With this India became the only country in the world which has such technology. Further upgradation will be made slowly.

With this technology now India can destroy any defence system in the world like S 400 or S 500.

MIG 21 turning into drones. Is it possible?

The official news of their launch along with pictures is confirmed by the IAF from its official Twitter account. Now the world is in shock that how India can develop this technology so quickly where as other countries are still in its development and research phases.

Testing of Swarm Drone technology is a major achievement for India. UVA and small drones are flown together in a large swarm through AI technology. It is used for simultaneous large attacks on enemy tanks, ICVs, infantry combat vehicles and trucks loaded with soldiers and ammunition, which are equipped with such drones, missiles or bombs. Swarm-drones are also used to jam the enemy’s communication-systems and radars on the battlefield.

Three images of the tests were posted by the IAF, showing at least 15 hexacopter UAVs flying in a coordinated manner from an airbase. The images were, however, blurred. Whether the blurring was done intentionally to hide the characteristics of the drones, is not known.

What are Swarm Drones?

Swarm drones is a concept where a large cluster (or several clusters) of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are flown together in contested or hostile airspace, in order to confuse the radar with a bigger image of the actual target and to achieve their objective. These drones (or robots) work in tandem with each other and are controlled either manually or autonomously through processors on board.

Swarn drones can be efficiently used in Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses/ Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD/DEAD) roles, by giving a distorted image of bogeys on the radar, detecting the enemy radar sites and passing on that information to their operators.

When armed, these drones can be used as kamikaze, attacking the enemy Air Defense sites or other critical infrastructural assets. Apart from military applications, it can be used by civilians in many ways like aerial demonstrations.

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