Indian Navy drill in Mediterranean with Greece, Egypt and Italy. Big warning to Turkey and Pakistan

Recently Indian Navy has conducted naval exercises with Greek, Egypt and Italian Navy in Mediterranean sea. This exercise has been conducted just after the visit of Indian foreign minister S. Jaishankar to Europe. This exercise was also important to target the Nexus of Turkey and Pakistan against India. India especially conducted this exercise with Greece on there request to show Turkey that if you screw India then India is also going to take some big steps.

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Indian Navy Ship Tabar has undertaken a sea drill with Greek Navy frigate HS Themistoklis in the Mediterranean sea, said Indian Navy statement.

Exercise includes air defence and underway replenishment drills.

INS Tabar undertook an exercise at sea with Greek Navy Frigate HS Themistoklis in the Mediterranean sea on 30 June. Air defence exercise and underway replenishment drills were undertaken,” said the Indian Navy.

Aiming to strengthen strong relations between India and Egypt, INS Tabar had arrived at Alexandria on June 29, for two days as part of a goodwill visit.

According to an official statement, Both the countries share warm bilateral relations, and ships of the Indian Navy have frequently visited Alexandria port.

Commanding Officer INS Tabar, Captain M Mahesh and the crew of his ship laid wreaths at Alexandria Naval Unknown Soldier Memorial. The Commanding Officer also called upon Rear Admiral Ayman al-Daly, Commander of Alexandria Naval Base.

On departure from port, INS Tabar undertook a maritime partnership exercise at sea with the Egyptian Navy Ship Toushka. The exercise included helo deck landing operations and underway replenishment drills.

These evolutions at sea exemplified naval cooperation and interoperability between the Indian Navy and Egyptian Navy. The goodwill visit by INS Tabar aims to strengthen strong relations between the two sides and also explore newer avenues of bolstering the relationship. (ANI).

Indian Naval Ship Tabar this week participated in military exercises with a frontline frigate of the Italian Navy after it entered the Port of Naples as part of an ongoing deployment to the Mediterranean, an Indian navy statement said on Wednesday.

The Tabar entered the Port of Naples on 3 July and was accorded a warm welcome by the Italian Navy, the statement said.
During the stay in port commanding officer Captain Mahesh Mangipudi called on senior officers of the Prefect of Naples Authority, the regional Italian navy headquarters and the coast guard headquarters.

“On departure from port, the ship also undertook a Maritime Partnership Exercise with ITS Antonio Marceglia, a frontline frigate of the Italian Navy, on 4- 5 July in the Tyrrhenian Sea,” the statement said.
The exercise covered a wide range of naval operations including air defence procedures, replenishment at sea, communication drills and cross deck helo operations by day and night. The exercise was mutually beneficial in enhancing interoperability and towards consolidating combined operations against maritime threats,” it said.

“The exercise culminated with a ‘Steam Past’ by the two ships, as per the naval custom,” it added.

Coincidentally, Indian Army chief Manoj Mukund Naravane is on a four-day visit to the UK and Italy to deepen bilateral ties with the two European countries.

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