Indian secret nuclear city

Have you ever heard of any Indian secret nuclear city? Is there actually a secret nuclear city in India or its just a myth. There are lots of proofs with the international community about the Indian nuclear city. To know how they find, please read this article.

According to the research done by the Stockholm international peace research institute (SIPRI), it is found that Pakistan has nearly 110- 120 nuclear warheads in their stock. They have also found that China has total of 250-260 nuclear warheads. Whereas India has only 90-100 nuclear weapons. So in case of any war, India might fall back. Due to their bigger reserves, China and Pakistan may have edge over India.

As everyone knows India is surrounded by its enemies like China and Pakistan from the Northern and Western borders respectively which has a very big stock of nuclear warheads. So in such a case, India has to do something for its security and it should take all the necessary steps which are important for its existence and saving its people from any type of conflict.

According to a report published in an American magazine, India has been developing a very secret nuclear City in Karnataka. This city is situated in Challakere village of Chitradurga district. This American report said that the construction of this city has already been started in 2012 and it was expected to be completed in 2017. But later there have been no reports regarding such project and no information whether this city construction is completed or not till October 2020.

Indian secret nuclear city

This secret city was named as Aeronautical Test Range (ATR). This city is developed by DRDO i.e. Defence Research and Development Organization. The report also said that Indian Nuclear scientists have been working day and night on various nuclear projects in this city. This report also claims that this city is used for the development of thermonuclear weapons. Thermonuclear weapons are also called hydrogen bombs.

This report published by the American journal was based on satellite images captured by a NASA Satellite which shows various big constructions going secretly under high security. After reviewing these pictures NASA spokesperson said that the captured satellite images are very much similar to a nuclear plant”.

secret city

After this report, there has been debate around the world regarding the truth of the existence of this nuclear City. Due to this report, there was a big stampede in Pakistan and China. They activated all their agents and assets to get information about this project. But this project was kept so secret that they even didn’t get a single clue of it.

Various retired government officials and defence experts around the world said that the main reason behind the creation of this city would be to give India an extra stock of rich uranium fuel that can be used for the creation of new hydrogen bombs in a short period. These experts also said that this new facility may have underground testing facilities for various nuclear weapons, atomic test laboratories, and testing area for new fighter planes.

This nuclear facility will also help to maintain the reserves of enriched Uranium for future testing and future nuclear weapons development. The main purpose of developing this city may be the expansion of its nuclear research programs, increasing stockpile of nuclear fuels for Indian nuclear reactors and to supply nuclear fuels for nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants.

Some experts also suggested that India has been developing nearly 10 to 15 nuclear submarines indigenously. So they need to maintain a large proportion of nuclear fuel to power these submarines and to make new nuclear warheads for them.

‘John Carlson’ which is a former Australian nuclear chief commented that India is among the three countries who are preparing materials for nuclear weapons. The other two countries are North Korea and Pakistan. He also said that North Korea also has similar development within its country.

thermal plant

The expansion of Indian Thermonuclear program will help India to join the elite club of other countries which have already stockpiled a significant amount of nuclear weapons. These countries are USA, UK, France, China, Russia, and Israel.

When this report was given to the Indian government then they clearly denied the development of any such kind of nuclear project. The Indian government said that there is no such nuclear City in India and also clarified that they even don’t have any intention to build such a nuclear facility. But nothing can be said accurately about it because such kind of projects must be kept secret. But when an investigation was conducted with Indian military officers and with some senior scientists connected with nuclear programs then they didn’t deny about such project, even when there were some interviews conducted with local residents, intelligence analysts, and foreign experts then they agreed on its development. This investigation was conducted by the centre for public integrity CPI.

At last, we could say that the Indian Government may have actually developed an Indian secret nuclear city but doesn’t want to spread any information to the public. This facility may be just a common military facility that may have misunderstood by the U.S. who knows.

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