#IndianLivesMatter goes viral in Pakistan, help offers pour in

Karachi-based humanitarian group Edhi Foundation on Friday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi offering a fleet of 50 ambulances and services to address the Covid crisis. For providing services, the foundation wants permission to enter the country as well as necessary guidance from local administration and police department. “We are ready to deploy our team in any critical area of concern at your direction without hesitation,” the letter states.

After the letter was circulated on social media, many in Pakistan took to Twitter offering help or writing about help to India. The two hashtags of #IndiaNeedsOxygen and #IndianLivesMatter have also gone viral in Pakistan. Lahore-based peace and social activist Diep Saeeda told TOI that “Being neighbouring countries, it is the duty of both to stand by each other in any need. We need to forget animosity in case of any medical emergency or natural calamity. Apart from Edhi Foundation, more organisations are ready to provide support.”

Journalist and activist Raza Rumi tweeted, “Thoughts and prayers are with India. Heart-wrenching stories and visuals. Hope the situation improves soonest. I am not sure what Pakistan can do given the rising Covid cases, but whatever is possible should be offered sans politics.”

Edhi Foundation on October 27, 2015 had declined the offer of donation of Rs 1 crore announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking care of disabled and mute Indian girl Geeta for many years of her stay in Pakistan.

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