Interesting facts about INDIAS most secret force: SFF

SFF stands for Special Frontier Force. It is also known as Establishment 22 or Vikas Regiment.

This force came into Limelight on the night of August 29 and 30 when they fought a mini-war against Chinese troops (PLA). On the night of 28 August, the Indian Army got intelligence that People Liberation Army is going to convert their temporary watchposts into well armour and permanent bunkers so they decided to do an offence against the Chinese troops. Then they planned to launched a silent attack on these posts and captured them. Since this post swear situated at a high mountain so this work was given to highly trained India’s most secret force SFF.

The night when India badly Defeated China in its own expansionism Strategy

There is only little known information about this Force but after studying a lot of articles and digging out some reports we have brought some interesting facts about this regiment:

1. The plan for this type of forces was curved during the October 1962 war of Indo China this forces mainly consists of the Tibetan nationals which came to India from Tibet when China occupied their territory in October 1950 and the Tibetan have to take refuge in India.

2. The idea of this type of force was given by the former Intelligence Bureau Chief Bholanath Malik to that time present Prime Minister Nehru. Malik was the second director of IB and was very close to Pandit Nehru. after listening to Malik Nehru immediately agreed with him and asked him to make this special battalion as soon as possible.

SFF Force

3. Brigadier Sujan Singh was chosen to lead this force and for this, he was promoted to the rank of Major General. Sujan Singh was a commander during World War 2 of 22 mount regiment and has a very vast experience of mountain warfare. In the name of mountain regiment 22, this force also came to be known as Establishment 22.

4. Sujan Singh was awarded a Military cross buy Royal British Army and he was also a well decorated army officer in British India Army. In fact today also the commander of S SPECIAL FRONTIER FORCE is a officer of major general rank.

5. I.B Chief Malik also consulted the brother of Dalai Lama so that more and more Tibetans can join the SFF. As a result, more and more young people started to join this Force. The former Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri Biju Patnaik also helped in the establishment of this force.

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6. In November 1962 by request of Prime Minister Nehru U.S.A sent a delegation of CIA (Pentagon) and they along with RAW and I.B created a Framework for the training of these officers. Their training was kept secret even from the armies of America and India and very little information about the place of training was given to the officers.

7. At that time Uttarakhands Chakrata was the headquarter of SFF which was a earlier contentment zone for the British army and after the British army, it also served for the new independent Indian Army.

8. Army officers are regularly trained for Gorilla warfare and Secret operations training by RAW, CIA and IB. There Para jumping training were conducted in Agra.

9. These forces were so secret that a common Army officer even doesn’t know about their existence except the higher ranking officers. In 1966 their name was changed to SFF from Establishment 22.

10. For Decades this force was used to keep an eye on Chinese nuclear mission and Chinese incursion into Indian territory. Later this force was used for secret operations near border regions.

11. There are five battalions in this force which consists of 5000 soldiers who are heavily trained in Mountain warfare and Elite paratroopers.

12. No serving or retired army officer can leak any information about this force because most of the missions this force conduct are secret and talking about this force can lead to threaten national security. Only PMO and Army Chief monitor the movements of this force. This force is directly controlled by the cabinet ministry and PMO.

13. It is said that the operation in Laddakh against the Chinese PLA on 29 to 30 August night was conducted under the leadership of NSA Ajit Doval. After the information about the heavy Chinese movement in that reason, NSA Ajit Doval ordered these troops to attack and take these posts.

Former Chief of 15 Corps Lieutenant General Syed Atah Hasnain said that he saw Vikas unit playing volleyball at the height of 16,000 feet in Laddakh in undergarments. These men can do this easily because they love their land and it even gives them the advantage of terrain when they go on Battleground.

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