Israel is not a country, It’s just a terrorist camp against Islamic countries- IRAN

Ali Khamenei, Iran’s top leader, has made stern remarks about Israel. Khamenei said on Friday that Israel is not a country but a terrorist hideout.

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On the occasion of Quds Day (Jerusalem Day) in support of Palestine, Khamenei said, “Israel is not a country but a terrorist hideout against Palestine and other Muslim countries.” Not only this, Khamenei has also appealed to the Muslim countries to unite against Israel. Khamenei said, ‘Fighting against such an autocratic country is like a war against terrorism and injustice. It is the duty of all of us to fight Israel.

The statement by Iran’s top leader comes at a time when there is an atmosphere of unrest in the region. Recently there was an attack on an Iranian nuclear base.

In addition, a top Iranian scientist was also killed, for which he accused Israel. Quds Day is celebrated every year in Iran. This program has been held since the Islamic Revolution in Iran. On this occasion rallies have also been organized across the country, but this year no major event was organized due to Corona infection.

However, despite all the restrictions, a large number of people gathered on the occasion of Quds Day in the capital Tehran. These people burnt the flags of America and Israel and also raised slogans of “Murdabad” against both countries. Khamenei said that Jewish rule is now slowly coming to an end and no one will be able to stop it.

Iran’s Supreme Leader has also commented on Israel’s normalization of relations with many Muslim countries, including the UAE. He said that Israel has done this to dent the unity of Muslim countries. In his address, he called on Palestine to continue the struggle and appealed to Muslim countries to support it.

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