Israel will use Indian Barak 8 missile on Hamas, Is India going to enter Israel-Hamas war

Shocking! India in support of Palestine and criticized Israel. India is also against Hamas.

Yesterday Israel tested their extended range Barak 8 missile which was successful, now it is believed that they are going to use it against Hamas. As this missile has a very great speed and can destroy its target with pinpoint accuracy it will be very lethal to target Hamas camps between the the civilian areas.

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This missile is jointly developed by Israel and India and used by both of these countries with different land and naval variant. As this missile also has ownership of India so Israel does not has authority to use it without Indian permission but its test of newer version during the war time in Israel shows that they are going to use it in the war.

Yesterday at UN security council Indian representative supported two nation theory and also condemned Israel on Palestine land occupation and asked both nation to resolve it peacefully. But India also strongly criticized Hamas on it’s terrorist activity on Israeli land. Further India also opposed Israel attack on Gaza strip. This shows that India is supporting Palestine but strongly criticizing Hamas.

Barak 8 is a long-range, super-sonic cruise missile. Its maximum speed is 2 Mach. Barak 8 missile ranges between 0.5 km to 100 km and weight is about 275 kg. This missile can be launched from 8 cell, double stacked land launcher or from ship 8 cell VLS module. In a single module, 8 Barak-8 missiles could be carried with the missile launcher, and 8 other missiles could be carried as stock.

It was been manufactured jointly by Bharat Dynamics Limited, KRAS and DRDO of India and Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel. Barak 8 has a two-stage engine with smokeless pulse rocket motor. It uses a Two-way Data Link along with Active RF/IIR seeker.

There are generally two versions of Barak-8 missile. Sea version and land version. The land version of Barak-8 is called MR-SAM. There is also a extended range version of Barak-8 called LR-SAM which will have range up to 150 km.

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Double staked 8-cell land launcher: MR-SAM

It is now in Induction phase as all tests have been completed. This missile production has been started in 2020 and its estimated rate of production could be between 200-300 units per annum.

A single Barak-8 missile will cost around the US $ 0.1 million. The cost for a Barak-8 (MR-SAM) double staked 8 cell land launcher is the US $ 60 million. 40 launchers and 200 missiles order has been placed by Indian army of MR-SAM. Its delivery has been already started.

It is based on Barak-1 missile of Israel. Its maximum components and technology is based on Barak-I of Israel and rest is indigenously developed by India.


First test flight of Barak-8 was conducted on May 2010. Later second test was also conducted in 2010. Both tests were successful.

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The first test of Barak-8 in Israel was conducted on 10 November 2014 with all operational integrated components. It’s both land and Marine versions were tested.

On 26 November 2015 a drone target was hit by Barak-8 successfully.
The First test against high speed target was conducted on 29 December 2015 at naval exercise in Arabian Sea. This missile was fired by INS Kolkata.

In India first test of land version of Barak-8 (MR-SAM) was conducted on 30 June 2016. This test was conducted in I.T. Range Chandipur, Odisha. Later second test was also carried out near Bay of Bengal. The third test was carried out on 1 July, 2016.

The first test of Barak-8 long version missile was conducted on 20 September 2016 at I.T. Range, Chandipur, Odisha.
Azerbaijan conducted their first test of Barak-8 on 25 December 2016.

Several more tests were carried out on 10 February 2017, 16 May 2017 and 29 November 2017.
The latest test of Barak-8 was conducted on 25 January, 2019.



The length of this missile is 4.5 meter and its diameter is about 0.54 meter. This is a short-range missile so its weight is about 275 kg which can carry a payload up to 60 kg. This missile can cruise at a maximum speed of 2 Mach. This missile has a maximum range of 100 kilometer.

TypeShort-range, Super-sonic Missile
In service2020 Induction phase
Length/Diameter4.5 m/ 0.54 m
Weight of Missile275 kg
Payload60 kg
Maximum Speed2 Mach
Range0.5- 100 km
Unit servingTotal 96 active on Kolkata class destroyers


It is also called Barak-8ER. It is the extended version of Barak-8. It will be beyond visual range target destroyer. Its length will be greater than previous version as it is expected to be 6 meter. Its diameter may be same. The payload and weight of the missile may be slightly more than Barak-8. Its range will be 150 km and it will cruise at maximum speed of 2 Mach.

Typebeyond visual range, super-sonic missile
In serviceInduction phase (2020)
Length/Diameter6 m/ 0.54 m
Weight of Missile300+ kg
Payload60+ kg
Maximum Speed2 Mach
Range150 km



This missile is currently operated by-

India- This missile is deployed in Kolkata class Destroyers of Indian navy.

INS Kolkata4 launchers of 8-cell VLS launcher32 missiles
INS Kochi4 launchers of 8-cell VLS launcher32 missiles
INS Chennai4 launchers of 8-cell VLS launcher32 missiles

It will also be deployed in Visakhapatnam class Destroyers which are under construction.

INS Visakhapatnam- 2 launchers of 16-cell VLS launcher-Total 32 missiles

INS Visakhapatnam2 launchers of 16-cell VLS launcher32 missiles
INS Mormugao2 launchers of 16-cell VLS launcher32 missiles
INS Imphal2 launchers of 16-cell VLS launcher32 missiles
INS Porbandar2 launchers of 16-cell VLS launcher32 missiles

Israel- This missile is deployed in Israel’s Sa’ar 5- class corvettes.

Azerbaijan- This missile is used by Azerbaijan Navy and Army after 2016.

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