Jack Ma Missing: Founder of Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma missing for two months, after confrontation with President of China?

Jack Ma, a Chinese billionaire and owner of Alibaba Group, has been missing for the last two months. No information is coming about them. Even his twitter account is cool.

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The owner of Alibaba Group and China’s third largest billionaire Jack Ma is not known. He has been missing for the last two months. Jack Ma, who ruled online shopping in China via Alibaba, has not been seen following a dispute with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Jack Ma strongly criticized the country’s ‘interest’ financial regulators and state-run banks in a speech in Shanghai in October last year.

Jack Ma, who has been a role model for crores of people all over the world, had called upon the government to make changes in a system that seeks to ‘suppress the effort to introduce new things in the business’. He called the global banking rules ‘old people’s club’. The ruling Communist Party of China erupted after this speech. Jack Ma’s criticism was taken as an attack on the Communist Party. After this Jack Ma’s woes began and extraordinary restrictions were imposed against his business.

Strict action on the order of Chinese President Xi Jinping

In November, Chinese authorities gave a strong blow to Jack Ma and suspended his Ant Group’s $ 37 billion IPO. According to a Wall Street General report, the order to cancel the IPO of Jack Ma’s Ant Group came directly from the Chinese President Xi Jinping. Jack Ma was then asked on Christmas Evening not to move out of China until the ongoing investigation against his Alibaba Group is completed.

Jack Ma then mysteriously disappeared from his TV show ‘Africa Business Heroes’ just before the finals in November. Not only this, his picture was also removed from the show. The spokesperson of the Alibaba Group said that Jack Ma is no longer a part of the panel of judges due to the controversy. However, several weeks before the finale of the show, Jack Ma had tweeted that he cannot wait to meet all the contestants. Since then, no posts have been made from his three Twitter accounts.Earlier, he used to tweet continuously.

There has been a history of ‘silencing’ critics in China

Jack Ma is not the first person to suppress voice in China. China has detained a large number of people in its country who criticize the policies of the Communist Party or Xi Jinping government. Earlier, property businessman Ren Zhiqiang, who criticized Xi Jinping, went missing. He described Xi Jinping as a ‘prankster’ to deal with Corona properly. He was later jailed for 18 years.Another Chinese billionaire, Xian Jianhua, has been under house arrest since 2017.

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