Joe Biden Shows its true colour. America Going to Ban India, God save us….

A new government is going to come to power in the US in the next few days, but tensions in the US and India may increase with regard to the S400 deal with Russia. The current administration wants to prevent India from doing this deal with Russia and fears that it may be banned like Turkey for not doing so. This trend is unlikely to change in the next administration as well.

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The US is eyeing S-400 air defense systems to be purchased from Russia. The US has told India that it is unlikely that it will be given a discount on the purchase of the Russian S-400. Officials aware of this development have given this information to news agency Reuters. In such a situation, there is an increased possibility that a ban like Turkey may be imposed on India for purchasing the same systems.


The Trump administration is asking India to abandon a $ 5.5 billion deal for 5 missile systems and avoid a diplomatic crisis. The US says that New Delhi does not have a broad exemption from the 2017 US law that was intended to prevent countries buying Russian military equipment.

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The special thing is that this attitude of the Trump administration is unlikely to change even in the administration of the new President, Joe Biden, who took over the power of America. He has spoken about Russia and adopting a strict American position. Those involved in this discussion have given this information to Reuters on the condition of anonymity. India says it needs long-range surface-to-air missiles to counter the threat posed by China.


India and China have been face to face on the border since April, indicating the most serious situation in the past several directions. New Delhi has clearly stated that it has the right to choose its own defense supplies. In this situation, even with the new US administration, estrangement may arise at the very beginning.

Anurag Srivastava, a spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs, said that there is a broad global strategic partnership between India and the United States on the purchase of S-400 systems. And India has a special and privileged strategic partnership with Russia. ‘

Recently, the Ministry of External Affairs had said that India has always had an independent foreign policy which also applies to its defense procurement and supply. The ministry’s remarks came at a time when a US Congress report a few days ago warned that it might face sanctions from the US if it procured India’s S-400 air defense system from Russia.

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One thought on “Joe Biden Shows its true colour. America Going to Ban India, God save us….

  • January 19, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    USA dictats to its friends, if not obeyed, then pit strictures and sanctions. USA wish and desire that no arms are purchased by its friends from its adversaries whereas neither it parts the latest weapons even those are very costly.
    Indian defence is having about 60 + armaments if Russian origin or jointly made in India.
    India just can not afford to keep distance from Russia.
    S400 is very vital for us to keep ourajor adversary CHiNA at its bay, For our defence it is if utmost priority so even if USA put sanction on us it will do on its own risk if breaching to the trust which India enthrusted on USA.


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