KALI stands for Kilo Ampere Linear Injector. KALI 5000 is India’s most secret weapon. It has been said in Pakistan that there was an avalanche in Siachen, 2012 in which 129 Pakistani soldiers were dead. This avalanche was due to KALI 5000. Later a report was submitted by the Pakistani army to their government regarding this avalanche accusing Indian army using KALI 5000 against Pakistan.

According to information available in the public domain, KALI is a particle accelerator that has been developed by Defence Research and development organization (DRDO) and Bhabha atomic research center (BARC) jointly.

KALI word is derived from Indian mythology the goddess Kali which is also said to be the goddess of destruction.

KALI was designed as a directed energy weapon but it does not eject laser Beam rather it generates a very high pulse of the electron beam which damages targets onboard electronics system and completely destroys the target.

It has been kept in the category of directed energy weapons but steel it is opposite of laser weapon. A laser weapon destroys its target by making a hole in the target by using high-intensity laser whereas KALI destroys the target by using powerful electronic pulse and damaging the onboard system.

KALI is capable to destroy each and every category of weapon because they operate by the electronic system. Due to this electronic beam capability, KALI is able to destroy not only drones, missiles, fighter of the enemy but also the satellites orbiting the earth.

This is the most dangerous weapon in the world because it can not only just destroy something but it can wipe out its entire traces. The country which will have such a powerful weapon will always have fear even in the dreams of its rivals. Today such a condition is with Pakistan and China. Pakistan has also cried over and over again due to the death of their shoulders and they fear more such attacks in the future. Today after India U.S.A is the only country working on this project. India has already developed this weapon and it left behind everyone in this race.

india kali weapon testing

It is called the secret weapon of India because they are very less information in the public domain about this weapon.

This project was started by Dr. P.H. Ron and Ex BARC Director Dr. R. Chidambaram in 1985. The development of this project was officially started in 1989.

Early this application was only developed for industrial application but after some of its wonderful tests, it was decided also to be used as a Military application.

The first accelerator which was developed have only power of 0.4 GW and later its various versions were developed like KALI 80, KALI 200, KALI 1000, KALI 2000, KALI 5000.

It has been also said that the KALI 5000 was already commissioned in 2004. Its power is 40 GW and the weight of the whole system is 10 tons.

The microwave produced version of KALI was also used by DRDO scientists to test the vulnerability of electronic light combat aircraft (LCA) systems, which were in development at the time. Arming KALI will take some time. The system is still under development, and efforts are being made to make it more compact as well as improve the recharge time, making it currently only a single-use system.

The advanced variant of KALI i.e, KALI 10,000 has a system weight of 26 tons. There have been many reports regarding KALI that it has been used in many industrial applications but its use as a weapon came to be known in 2012.

kali laser weapon

On 5th April 2012 in Siachen’s Gayari Sector of Pakistan, a very dangerous and big avalanche occurred in which a very big portion of the mountain glacier have fallen just above the base camp of the Pakistani army. Due to this avalanche, 129 Pakistani soldiers along with 11civilions were reported dead. The Pakistani newspaper showed a report of Pakistan mythological department that for this incident India used a very high carbon material weapon due to which solar radiation was increased and ice started melting and avalanche occurred.

This operation was named Operation Whitewash.

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