Russian Diplomat Slap China in United Nations. Big shock and insult for China.

Vasily Alekseevich Nebenzya who is a Russian diplomat and Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nation completely destroyed China on the world highest platform in his last speech.

Big failure on Attempts of defaming India’s Tejas Fighter. Malaysia gave a snappy reply

For the last few days, China is trying to create a relationship mashup between Russia and India. China is trying to show its relationship with Russia on high ground.

A week ago Chinese media said that China is trying to build a supersonic cruise missile-like Brahmos with a Russian partnership. China also urged that Russia and China are going to increase their partnership on various missile development programs.

China tried to create propaganda by showing the world that their relationship with Russia is now much stronger than Indo-Russian relation than ever. The Chinese think tank also claimed that now Russia itself wanted to develop a military alliance with China and wanted to develop an anti-ship cruise missile-like they did with India.

But after such news, Russia has come forward and denied all such reports claimed by Chinese media. During the session of UN Russian, permanent representative and diplomate Vasily Nebenzya said these all reports are fake. He also said that Russia’s relationship with China is growing day by day but Russia has no intention or it has never signed any agreement with China in co-development of the Anti-ship Cruise Missile system.

This means that all such news was just a propaganda stunt created by China to show their firepower to their enemies like America, India and other neighbouring countries.

From last year after India entry into QUAD Russia and India relations are going down day by day and the China-Russia relationship has taken a new step.

India and Russia have gone through several ups and downs in their decades-old bilateral relationship. The two appear at present to be going through a tricky phase. The two-decade old India-Russia annual summit was cancelled for the first time. A news report in India suggested that the postponement was the result of “severe reservations on New Delhi joining the Indo-Pacific initiative and Quad.” India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson responded by saying, “The India-Russia Annual Summit did not take place in 2020 because of the COVID pandemic. This was a mutually agreed decision between the two Governments. Any imputation otherwise is false and misleading. Spreading false stories on important relationships is particularly irresponsible.” The Russian side also responded with a statement saying that it is in “close touch” with its counterparts in India to finalize new dates for the summit, “postponed due to epidemiological reasons.”

india russia relation

But such denials are unlikely to entirely remove speculation about the state of bilateral relations, especially considering that India has taken part in a large number of bilateral and multilateral talks virtually, even if the pandemic has prevented physical meetings.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a tough year for friendships. The prospect of setting up yet another videoconference, even with immediate family, has proven too much for many. And so, inevitably, drinking buddies and water-cooler acquaintances have struggled to survive in the age of social distancing.

For Russian President Vladimir Putin, however, there seems to be little risk of drifting apart from one of his closest allies on the world stage. Only last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping described Moscow’s leader as his “best friend,” and it appears a new set of challenges have done nothing to shake that.

On a bilateral call between Beijing and Moscow on December 29, Xi insisted that they would work “unswervingly” to develop an ever-closer partnership, and that “strategic cooperation between China and Russia can effectively resist any attempt to suppress and divide the two countries.

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