Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 fighter aircraft to be equipped with Gremlin missile, enemies will be smoked in range of 1500 km

Russia is steadily increasing its strategic capability amid continued tensions in the Baltic Sea with the US. After the new warships and submarines, Russian arms manufacturers are developing a hypersonic missile named the Gremlin. This missile can also be fired from Russia’s most advanced fighter aircraft Sukhoi SU-57 and strategic bomber TU-22. This missile will be so deadly that even the enemy’s air defense system will not be able to catch it. With the missile joining the Russian Air Force, the threat to US warships patrolling the East China Sea and the Baltic Sea will increase further. Recently, Biden, who became the new president of the US, has also made tough statements about Russia. After which tension between these two superpower countries is going to increase.

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Avoidance of enemy in 1500 km range is impossible

The Gremlin is also mentioned in some of Russia’s official documents as the GZUR hypersonic guided missile. This missile will be much smaller in terms of size than the Kh-47M2 Draeger missile. Due to which it can also be fired from small size fighter aircraft. This missile will be so deadly that no enemy located at a distance of 1500 km will survive its attack. The Kh-47M2 is an air-launched ballistic missile capable of nuclear attack. Able to fly at speeds ranging from 12250 to 14701 kilometers per hour. This missile is capable of hitting more than 2000 kilometers. It is believed that Russia’s Gremlin missile will also come with similar capabilities. However, being small in size, a fighter aircraft will be able to fly equipped with many such missiles.

These Russian fighters will be equipped with Gremlins

Russia is working on plans to deploy this missile on several fighter jets to further strengthen its air force. The Russian fighter aircraft that the Gremlin missile will deploy primarily include the MiG-31 interceptor, the Long Range supersonic missile carrier TU-22, Sukhoi SU-57, Sukhoi SU-30SM and Sukhoi SU-35. These aircraft will be able to fly with more than one number of Gremlin missiles. On February 9 this year, a high level meeting was held to produce this missile. Which also included the head of the Russian Defense Department, Sergei Shoigu. He said in this meeting that Russia is focusing on making non-nuclear capability hypersonic missiles in the coming days.

This missile will be commissioned in Russian Air Force in 2023

The Gremlin or GZUR hypersonic guided missile is expected to join the Russian Air Force by 2023. According to Russian media, the construction of this missile was started in 2018 with future requirements. The Russian Ministry of Defense has tied up with the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation for the production of this missile. Work on the propulsion system of this missile is still in progress. The Turavesco Machine-Building Design Bureau Soyuz is building its engine. This missile will use a completely new type of hypersonic engine, which has been named Product 70.

This missile will fit into the internal bay of Sukhoi SU-57

This deadly missile will be so compact in size that it can be placed in the internal bay of Sukhoi SU-57. Being inside the aircraft will make it impossible for enemy countries to recognize the missile’s IR signature. Because, the SU-57 is equipped with stealth technology. In such a situation, no weapon inside it will be visible on the enemy’s radar. According to military expert Dmitry Kornav, its specialty is its small size, which can be easily mounted on conventional fighters and non-strategic bombers as well. Killing it at hypersonic speed would be almost impossible for any defense system. Which can be used against enemy targets – Headquarters, Radars, Ships in Su-57.

Russia’s SU-57 fighter aircraft is very deadly

Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 fighter aircraft is equipped with a variety of lethal weapons. It is designed to fly with a full range of weapons. It also includes air-to-ground attack missiles ranging from short-range air to air missiles to land strikes up to 150 kilometers. In addition to the Russian jet Wimpel R-37M hypersonic missile, it is also capable of attacking with a Kh-47M2 Kinzhal missile capable of nuclear attack. The AESA radar and other systems employed provide the necessary information and support to the pilot. The aircraft is equipped with more stealth technology than the F-35. Due to which it can search and destroy its target secretly. The aircraft also has a 101KS infrared search end system, capable of finding and tracking hidden enemies as well. The speed and aerodynamic of the aircraft make it a deadly predator.

Sukhoi Su-57 and F-35

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Russia’s Su-57 fighter aircraft is also cheaper than Lockheed Martin’s F-35 in terms of expenditure. Its design and avionics are also more aerodynamics. It can hold speeds of 2 Mach (about 2500 kmph) without using the Afterburner. Even its subsonic range is more than 3500 km. The National Interest Magazine has said in its report that mass production of the first fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft of Russia, the Sukhoi Su-57, has begun. It will soon be inducted into the Russian Airforce. A few years later it will also be launched in the international arms market. The magazine further wrote that this news is apparently not good for the US, as it will make many NATO strategic bases unsafe.

How dangerous is the Tu-22M3 bomber

The Tu-22M3 is developed from the Soviet Union’s Tu-22M. Which is capable of attacking up to a distance of 5100 km at supersonic speed. The maximum speed of this deadly bomber aircraft capable of nuclear attack is 2300 kilometers per hour. 40 meters long and 34 meters wide, this bomber flies with the help of turbojet engines. Recently two prototypes of the TU-22 M3 have been made, which are currently undergoing flight trials. America is also scared of this deadly bomber. Because, this bomber is able to fly low enough to avoid the grip of radar. The US-led military organization NATO has named it Backfire-C. It also has aerial refueling nose for fueling the air. Which further increases its range. Russia has also tested its ship in the battlefield of Syria. Where it had destroyed many terrorist targets by its horrific bombardment.

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