From its formation in 1947 India has developed many Strategic secret military bases, airbases, and naval bases around various regions of the country. They are used as an operating centre during wartime. They also have importance in tracking enemy movements and conducting secret missions. So we are going to see various secret military bases of India.

Andaman & Nicobar island

secret military bases

Andaman & Nicobar Island is a group of +500 islands but there are only 34 islands that are available for tourists. Most of the islands are declared inhabitable and people are banned to visit such islands. There are many that the Indian Army and Indian Navy have made a lot of secret bases around these islands which are declared inhabitable.

It is also said that there is a secret command post of Indian tri-service that is army, Navy, and Air force, which is used to keep an eye on the vast Indian Ocean and Oceania region. India has already developed naval bases around these islands during the 1970s – 1980s. This Island is very important to track the Chinese Movement in the Strait of Malacca. Base on Andaman and Nicobar provide India edge over any other country in the Indian Ocean. India can track and restrict the movement of any naval vessel due to this strategic point.

Trishul Air Force Base


This airbase is located at Ijjatnagar which is 6 kilometers away from Bareilly UP. It is said to be the most secret base of the Indian Air Force. It is also the largest underground Hanger of aircraft in the whole of Asia. This base is only used by the officers of higher rank in the Indian Government and the Indian Defence Force.

It is said that no one knows about this airbase for decades till it was revealed by Indian Air Force itself. For so many years India operates MIG 25 from this base but no one had any knowledge about it. They got information only after eight got retired from the services. Now this base has su30mki and other helicopter units. This Air Force base may have other secret aircraft that are still not known to the Indian citizens or any other nations.

APJ Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha

APJ Abdul Kalam Island

This Island is situated on the coast of Odisha which is approximately 150 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar. This Island’s actual name is Wheeler Island. Late Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam set up this island for various missiles and other secret weapon tests. This Island can only be reached by ship.

There are no Bridge roads or airport facilities on this Island. There is a small helipad but it is used only in emergency purposes. People are forbidden from this Island and the exact location is also not confirmed among the civilians. Also, long-range missiles are tested from this Island.

Charbatia Air Base, Cuttack

Charbatia Air Base

India’s Aviation Research Centre (ARC) is situated at Charbatia Air Base. ARC is an Aerial Reconnaissance and support base of RAW. It is situated 10 kilometers north of Cuttack, Odisha. It is said that raw operates its super-secret aircraft from this Airbase.

It is also said that RAW plans, analyze, and operates its secret air and ground missions from this airbase. Its actual location is hidden from Google maps and civilians are not allowed to visit the airbase. This airbase is also used as a regional headquarter during various Indo- Pak conflict of 1965, 1972, and the Kargil War. Although the time to time head of various intelligence agencies of India conducts meetings and seminar.

Farkhor Air Base, Tajikistan

Farkhar Air Base

During the 90s when the Taliban Afghan war was at its peak then there was the only destruction in the whole of Afghanistan. So many Afghan nationals died due to Taliban attack. In that situation, India built an airbase in Tajikistan to provide support to the Afghan government against the Taliban.

India helped Northern Alliance of the Afghan army and provided them Air and Arm support from this airbase India previously don’t have any intention to have an airbase in Tajikistan but to help its old friend Afghanistan India decided to crack a deal with Tajikistan to provide all supports to Afghanistan.

Today also so this airbase is operated by India to maintain a continuous supply of various commercial Medical and Logistic Aid to Afghanistan. Now a day this strategic location is important to counter the Chinese Army from their western borders. It will be an advantageous position during the war as this Airbase is located between mountains. So it’s not easy to find it out and destroy it. It’s also not confirmed by the Indian army and Air force that how many troops and planes are deployed in that Airbase.

Hence, there may be other secret military bases of India which are still unknown to us. But it is known that this secrecy is kept only for national security.

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