Taliban warned India and other Afghanistan’s neighboring countries- Be ready for destruction

The Taliban have directly threatened the neighboring countries of Afghanistan that it would be their biggest mistake if they allowed their land to be used for operating American forces. Taliban did not take name of any country but it indirectly warned Pakistan, India and Tajikistan as these country are ally of U.S.A .

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Another neighboring country of Afghanistan like Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and China are either Non American ally or Enemy of U.S.A. .The Taliban issued a statement warning all neighboring countries of Afghanistan not to take any such decision. The Taliban has made it clear that any such move can be dangerous. At the same time, the Taliban have said that if this happens, they are also not going to sit silent.

This statement from the Taliban comes at a time when America is trying to completely withdraw its army from Afghanistan. America has already made it clear that it will take back all the soldiers before the anniversary of the biggest terrorist attack (9/11) on America. The United States is also in constant touch with allies and close countries of Afghanistan.

The United States wants to find a solution that is right for everyone, despite the presence of the Taliban in Afghanistan. At the same time, countries like India are apprehensive about the presence of Taliban. The current government of Afghanistan is also apprehensive about this. The Taliban are once again expanding their territory in Afghanistan amid reports of the US going out of here.

This statement of the Taliban is also very special because the US recently said that Pakistan has given permission to build its army base and use its airspace. It was also said that Pakistan will also provide ground support to American forces. On the very next day of this statement, it was said by the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan that this statement given by the US is completely baseless and false. Pakistan Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that no such draft has come to his government nor any talks are being held with the US on this.

On Wednesday, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had bluntly said that Pakistan would not allow the US military to use its land under any circumstances. He also said that Pakistan will not allow the US to carry out a drone attack under any circumstances. They also confirmed that there is no ongoing dialogue between the two countries on this. At the same time, on Wednesday, it was said from the US that it is in contact with the neighboring countries of Afghanistan for the US military base. America said that America wants this so that Afghanistan can be helped if needed.

Let us tell you that last week, the current and former Presidents of Afghanistan had said in one of their interviews that Pakistan is behind the plight of Afghanistan. He alleged that Pakistan provides all possible help to the Taliban. His fighters take training in Pakistan. Pakistan plays an important role in the funding from their recruitment to the Taliban. Former President Hamid Karzai even went so far as to say that Pakistan wants his country to break all ties with India and increase its political and strategic influence here through Pakistan Taliban, which will never happen.

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