Is India Spreading Terrorism in Pakistan? Pakistani army and civilians killed.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi accused India of spreading terrorism in Pakistan.

Islamabad Pakistan, which runs a terrorism factory in Jammu and Kashmir, has now done another trick to escape the FATF and neutralize the attack of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The Pakistani military, which always supported the terrorist organisation, claimed that RAW, the Indian intelligence agency was paying Rupees 1 crore for a suicide attack in Pakistan.

At the same time, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who shelters global terrorists, claimed that there is anecdotal evidence of India’s spread of terrorism and he will give it to the international community. Pakistani army spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar alleged that the Indian intelligence agency RAW was trying to create Daish-e-Pakistan.

Babar mentioned that, a few days earlier, 20 terrorists belonging to ISIS were brought to the Pakistan-Afghan border by India. They were assigned to the commanders of Daish, Sheikh Abdul Rahim alias Abdul Rahim, a Muslim friend. The Pakistan Army, which runs Terror camps from PoK to Afghanistan border, claimed that India is running 87 terrorist camps.

India manages 66 of 87 Indian terrorist camps in Afghanistan

terrorism in pakistan

The Pakistani military claimed that 66 of India’s 87 terrorist camps are located in Afghanistan.

The army spokesperson said that India is paying Rs 1 crore and Rs 10 lakh for the killings committed for suicide attacks and IED explosions in vehicles. He said that R&AW is offering a reward of Rupees 5 to 8 crores for killing VIPs of Pakistan.

General Iftikhar claimed that India has formed a militia comprising 700 terrorists to spread terrorism in Balochistan. A budget of $ 60 million has been set for this force. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi claimed that under the leadership of PM Modi, the Indian news agency RAW gave 80 billion rupees for the destruction of China’s Dream Project China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Special Unit ready to target CPEC

Pakistani terrorist

Qureshi alleged that RAW has made a special unit to target CPEC. He claimed that India was using its country to spread terrorism in Pakistan.

Not only that, but India is also using the country of Afghanistan to attack Pakistan. Pakistan’s foreign minister has warned that terrorist attacks in Pakistan may increase in the coming days.

Indian Army killed Pakistani Soldiers and destroyed their Bunkers

bomb blast

Before Diwali, Pakistan, trying to break peace by breaching cease-fire, is hiding its truth.

Pakistan has taken revenge for Pakistan’s impudence, then Pakistan hides its injuries. In fact, at least 11 Pak soldiers were killed in retaliation by the Indian military, while the Pakistani newspaper Dawn claimed that only one Pakistani soldier and four civilians had been killed.

It was reported that the infiltration attempt has also been made during this period. The Indian Army responded to Pakistan’s actions and damaged the Pakistani Army Infrastructure. During this period, Pakistan’s arsenal and terrorist launchpad have also been destroyed.

Pakistan DG ISPR tweeted that 12 civilians and 5 soldiers have been injured and India has also suffered a heavy loss then Pakistan. Dawn said date according to DG ISPR report the Indian Army targeted heavy mortars and rockets to civilians in Rakhchikiri and Khanjar sectors.

ISPR also reported that on the night of 7-8 November, the Indian Army was confronted with the freedom fighters in which Indian soldiers lost their lives. ISPR says that after this incident Indian Army has committed a ceasefire violation and attacked Pakistan with the artillery with heavy mortar.

India's Chenar Corps

India’s Chenar Corps reported that India had targeted positions, bunkers, and fuel bases in retaliation. Four Indian soldiers and four civilians were killed in Pak, including a woman. Shinar Corps tweeted that the Indian Army learned of suspicious activities in Kupwara, after which Pakistan violated the ceasefire without provocation.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and their army spokesperson, feared by the Indian army’s strong retaliation in Jammu and Kashmir, have accused India of spreading terrorism in Balochistan.

Qureshi claimed that under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, Indian intelligence agency RAW has given 80 billion rupees and prepared 700 terrorists to destroy China’s Dream Project ‘CPEC’ China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Pakistani Foreign Minister

He alleged that India that they are using their land to spread terrorism in Pakistan. Although, India is using Afghanistan’s land to attack Pakistan. The Pakistani Foreign Minister also showed his concern that terror attacks in Pakistan may increase in the coming times.

He also said that India is violating three international treaties which also includes the United Nations, Vienna Convention. He said that India is making all its effort to blacklist Pakistan in the FATF.

On the other hand, the Pakistani army spokesperson claimed that India is behind all the recent terrorist incidents occurred in the country. India is supporting the BLA, BRA and Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP). Rajesh, an official of the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan, has planned attacks in several major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Karachi, Lahore. These terrorist organizations are helping India.

‘He built the Pakistan branch of ISIS. ‘An army spokesman said India built the Pakistan branch of the terrorist organization ISIS. It is called “ISIS Pakistan”.

The spokesperson said that the Indian embassy in Afghanistan has become a centre of terrorism in Pakistan. He met the Indian ambassador to Afghanistan to assist TTP. RAW is sending money to TTP in Pakistan with the help of Afghanistan.

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