We’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Air Force in the World. This comparison is done on the basis of the QUALITY OF FIGHTER PLANES, QUALITY OF AIR FORCE PILOT TRAINING, and COMBAT EXPERIENCE OVER THE YEARS.

Top 10 Biggest Army in the World

United States Air Force

top 10 airforce in the world
FoundedSeptember 1947
Total Warcraft13,264
Active Combat Jets1800
PlanesF 22,F 35, F 16,F 15
Active Personnel3,21,444

They are WORLD TOP AIR FORCE due to their Best quality Fighter Planes in the large amount. They even have various tactical Warplanes. Their Pilots are also well Trained. Us Air force was founded in September 1947 and today it has the highest number of aircraft in the world that is 13264. They have many airbases in and outside their country.

They are also the most powerful country in the whole world so they have to maintain a very big active aircraft number. They have nearly 1800 active combat aircraft which are always ready for any kind of threat. They have a very large fleet of F 22 raptor F-35 lightning F 16 and F 15 aircraft. They also have very big Air force personnel. They rank second only after China in terms of active Air force personnel. In terms of aircraft-quality, they have the most advanced air fleet in the world. It is the only country which has two fifth generation aircraft fleet.

Russian Air Force

FoundedMay 1992
Total Warcraft4,163
Active Combat Jets650
PlanesSu-57, Su-35, Su-30, Su-27 ,Mig-35, Mig-29
Active Personnel1,48,000

Russian Air force was founded in May 1992 after the breakup of Soviet Union. It is the second most powerful country in the world in terms of Air power. They have many advanced planes in their fleets like Su-57, Su-35, Mig 35, Mig 29, and Su 30.

They have a total of 4163 aircraft of which 650 aircraft are active at any time. Along with that, they have active personal of 148000. Russian pilots are well trained and well-experienced pilots in the world. Like America that too have the most advanced fleets which make them the king of air.

Israeli Air Force

FoundedMay 1948
Total Warcraft589
Active Combat Jets304
PlanesF-16, F-13, F-15E, F-35
Active Personnel34,000

They have very well-trained Pilots, even better than American Pilots and They have to face combat situations daily due to surrounded by enemies. So they are the best Air Force in the World. Israeli Air force was founded in May 1948 just after they got their homeland. They have a total of 589 aircraft of which 304 aircraft are always active along its all the borders two face the Arabian countries.

They have comparably a small Air force but their pilots Hardwell experienced and their fleets are very much advanced. They get all their planes from America. They have mostly F 16, F 35, and F 15 in their fleet. They have 34000 active Air force personnel.

Indian Air Force

FoundedOctober 1932
Total Warcraft2,123
Active Combat Jets500
PlanesSU-30, Mig-29,Mig-21, Tezas, Mirage 2000, Rafale
Active Personnel1,40,00

They have fought 4 what’s against its rival nation Pakistan and won all of them. The airforce has played a very big role in coming to their win over Pakistan. Indian Air force was founded in October 1932. It was formed from the Royal Air force from Britain. India has very well trained and experienced Pilots. They also have good quality Planes.

They have a total of 2123 aircraft of which 500 aircraft are always active. Most of their airbases and aircraft are situated on the Northern and western borders of China and Pakistan respectively. The plains which consist of Indian airforce are mostly Su 30, Mig 29, Mig 21, Mirage 2000, Dassault Rafael, and a small fleet of Tejas. They have nearly 140000 active Air force personnel.

Armee de IAir (France)

FoundedJuly 1934
Total Warcraft1,229
Active Combat Jets225
PlanesMirage 2000C/5F, Mirage 2000 D, Rafale B/C
Active Personnel41,160

France has the biggest air fleet in European Union countries and they are considered to be the most powerful country in terms of military in the European union. There Air force was founded in July 1934. They have a big advance fighter Aircraft fleet which consists of 1229 Aircraft.

They have an active fleet of 225 Aircraft and the rest are in stock. They mostly consist of Raffle and Mirage fighter aircraft which are very good performer and bears the latest technological features. To maintain their Air force they have active personnel of nearly 40,000.

Royal Air Force (Britain)

FoundedApril 1918
Total Warcraft733
Active Combat Jets160
PlanesF-35, Eurofighter Typhoon
Active Personnel33,840

British Air force was founded in April in 1918 and it is the oldest Air force in the world. Being the oldest Air force in the world they are also among top 10 strongest Air force.

Their fleet consists of Advanced fighter aircraft like f 35 lightning and Eurofighter typhoon. They have an active Air force personnel of 33000 and 733 total aircraft. There active combat fighter jets number is 160.

P.L.A Air Force (CHINA)

FoundedNovember 1949
Total Warcraft3,210
Active Combat Jets1600
PlanesSu-35, J-7, J-10, J20, Xian-H6
Active Personnel3,98,000

“THEY HAVE THIRD BIGGEST AIR FLEET IN THE WORLD” but still their maximum Plains are copy versions of Russian Plains, so they lack in Quality of Planes. Also, their Pilots have very little combat experience. Chinese airforce hasn’t seen any war in decades so the lack of war experience. They were founded in November 1949.

They have the highest number of active Air force personals in the world. They have a total of 3000 200 aircraft of which 1600 aircraft are active. Most of their Aircraft is situated near South China sea region to threaten its neighboring Nations like Japan, Philippines, and Taiwan. Their fleet consists of Russian aircraft and there copy Chinese aircraft.

Japan Air Self-Defence Force

FoundedJuly 1954
Total Warcraft1,561
Active Combat Jets373
PlanesF-35, F-15, F-2, F-4
Active Personnel50,324

During World war II Japan had an Air force that was superior in Asia. They were the number 1 Air force in whole of Asia between 1940 to 1945. Japan air self defence force was founded in July 1954 and currently, they have 1561 total aircraft.

They have an active fleet of 373 aircraft of which most of the aircraft are American made F 35 and F 15. They also have a small fleet of F2 and F4 aircraft. They have an active personals of 50,000 to take care of their Air force.

Republic of Korea Air Force (South Korea)

FoundedOctober 1949
Total Warcraft1,649
Active Combat Jets450
PlanesF-35, F-15 E, F-16, KAI T-50, KAI KT-1, F-5,F-4
Active Personnel65,000

South Korean airforce or republic of Korea Air force was created on the verge of danger of North Korean attack. They were founded in October 1949. they have total aircraft of 1649 of which 450 aircrafts are always in active mode.

Most of their airbases and aircraft are situated on the Northern border with North Korea. They have a very advanced please of F 35, F 15 and F 16 Aircraft. They also have a fleet of their indigenous made T50 and T1. They have a big Air force personnel of 65,000.

Luftwaffe (Germany)

FoundedJanuary 1956
Total Warcraft712
Active Combat Jets126
PlanesEurofighter Typhoon, Panavia Tornado
Active Personnel27,535

The German Air force is also known as Luftwaffe. It was founded in January 1956. It was the number one Air force in the whole Europe during World war II. Today there active aircraft numbers at 712 of which 126 aircraft are active in service.

Their feet consist of advance Eurofighter typhoon and Tornado aircraft. They have a very small all active Air force personnel of of near about 28,000.

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