Top 10 Biggest Army in the World

The army protects the land border of any country. A country can be said as strong as its active ground forces. War on the ocean and on air is fought by the help of machines like ships and airplanes whereas war on the ground is fought by soldiers. So soldiers are the most important assets of a country and they are the protector of a nation from any kind of internal or external threat.

The day when Indian Military killed 129 Pakistani Soldiers without firing a single bullet

Here we have put together a list of the Top 10 Biggest Army in the World.


china force
Active Troops21,83,000
Reserve Force5,10,000

PLA formed on 1 August 1927. Chinese ground forces are also known as the People’s Liberation Army. They have the largest army in terms of Active Troops in the world. They have almost 22 lakh active standing army which protects its border.

Most of its forces are along the northern border of Russia and the Southern border of India and Tibet. They also have reserve forces of nearly 5 lakh which can be used in danger of any conflict. They also have the second-highest military budget in the world only after the USA. But the Chinese army has very little actual combat experience because they haven’t fought any major war since World war 2. They also have various overseas bases and they are also involved in the US peacekeeping mission.


Active Troops14,44,000
Reserve Force21,00,000

Indian Army formed on 1st April 1895. India has the biggest Army in the World in terms of the total number of Professional Serving Troops. Indian Army is the most professional and experienced army in the world. They were formed from a segment of the Royal British army.

India has second highest active military troops which are 14,44,000 only after People Liberation Army. India also has a very large number of reserve forces. Every member of the Reserve Force has to serve a minimum of 2 weeks in a year. This makes the Indian reserve forces a bit experienced and well qualified to survive in any combat situation.

The total forces in Indian Army including the reserve forces is far greater than the Chinese army. They also serve as UN peacekeeping force in various African countries.

3. U.S.A

Active Troops14,00,000
Reserve Force8,60,000

They were formed on 14 June 1775. They have the biggest Army in terms of Overseas Operations and Foreign Bases. They have their military bases in almost every corner of the earth. The presence of their military on overseas bases are even more than the military present in their own country.

In terms of the equipment used by the army, they are the most advanced forces in the world.they have fought 300000 active troops as well as 860000 reserve forces. US Army is even older than the country.

US Army was founded in 1775 whereas the USA celebrates its formation in 1776. US Army owns a very large amount of lands all over the Earth which combine together to form the 10 largest cities in the world. They have the largest military budget in the world.


Active Troops12,80,000
Reserve Force6,00,000

It formed in 25 April 1932. In terms of active soldiers, the North Korean army is the fourth largest army in the world. North Korea has maintained such a big Army due to rivalry with South Korea and the USA. Most of the weapons they used are either Chinese or Russian made.

North Korea is the poorest country in the world but they use one-fourth of their GDP on their military. It also seems that North Korea possesses biological and chemical weapon which is banned by the united nation. North Korea hates USA and its Army. They have also developed some nuclear weapons which they could use on USA in verge of conflict.


Active Troops10,13,700
Reserve Force20,00,000

It was formed on 7 May 1992. Russia have the fifth largest standing force in the world. They also have very big reserve troops which are almost double then it’s active military troops. Russia has the highest number of nuclear warheads which they developed during the Soviet era.

Russian Army came into existence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. They have 10 lakh, active military troops and 2000000 reserve troops. In terms of weapons and technology, they are the most powerful Army in the world only after USA. They have the most advanced tanks, aircraft, naval submarines,s and ships in the world. European Union, USA, and their allies all fear the Russian weapons and they always try to sanction Russia on various matters.


Active Troops6,54,000
Reserve Force5,50,000

It was formed on 14 August 1947. Just like the Indian Army Pakistan army was also formed after the breakup of the Royal British army. They are all in sixth position in terms of active military troops. they are also the well-trained army in the world because they always have conflict in in Gilgit- Baltistan, Balochistan as well as in its Northern province region.

Pakistani or Army also serve in US Peace mission in various African countries. There is very big blame on Pakistani army for their involvement with various terrorist organizations. They have been also involved in lots of terrorist attacks all over the world.

They have active troops of 650000 and reserve troops of 550000. They maintain such a big Army due to high tensions going with its rival nation India.


Active Troops5,80,000
Reserve Force31,00,000

It was formed on 17 July 1948. Just like the North Korean Army South Korea also maintain a very big Army due to the threat of attack by North Korea. They have the largest army reserves Forces in the World. Their reserve forces are nearly 31 lakh which is almost six times greater than its active troops. In South Korea, it is compulsory for every male citizen between age group 18 to 28 to serve few months in army and take military training.

South Korean army is well equipped Army than North Korea. South Korea has a very big economy and a very big military budget. Its Army uses advanced weapons which are manufactured both in the countries and imported from USA. It has very big military ties with USA. USA is responsible for the protection of South Korea from any foreign attack.


Active Troops5,23,000
Reserve Force3,50,000

It was formed in 1979. Iran armed forces include Iran Army, Iran revolutionary guards, and Law enforcement force. They have a big military budget of 17.4 million US dollars. They are also among the oldest armies in the world. They use almost 4% of their GDP on their Army. They have active personals of 520000 and small reserve personnel of 350000.

Iran Army has been actively involved in various world conflicts like Syria, Yemen, and other Arab conflicts. It’s a rumor that Iran also possesses nuclear weapons but no one knows about the truth. Iran also has a very big and flat but most of its tanks are very much old.


Active Troops4,82,000
Reserve Force50,00,000

It was formed on 22 December 1944. Vietnam is the only country in the world that has defeated USA. During the Vietnam war Vietnam Army single-handedly defeated USA, Chinese and French troops which is a very big achievement for any of the armies in the world. They have the largest volunteer force in the World as every citizen has to serve 12 months in the Vietnamese Army.

They have active troops of 480000 and a very big and bizarre reserve force of almost 50 lakh. In terms of total army, they have the largest army in the world mining their active and reserve troops. Vietnamese Army is very good in Gorilla warfare. They are always on a verge of conflict with the Chinese army because they always try to enter Vietnamese territory.


Active Troops4,78,000
Reserve Force3,25,000

Saudi Arabia Army was formed in 1744. It is the best-funded army in the world. They have the largest Foreign support army as most of the Army supports are given by U.S.A and Pakistan. Saudi Arabian citizens in Saudi Army consist of only 75000 troops whereas the soldiers from other Army consist of almost 400000. They have very good ties with Pakistan and USA. Most of the weapons that Saudi Army uses are American made.

Saudi Arabia is a member of OIC and it is also the leader of the Islamic Nation. Saudi Arabian armies have been involved in conflicts in Yemen. They have very big GDP and they also use a good proportion of it in their Army expenses.

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