TOP 10 MILITARY TRUCKS IN THE WORLD; India, Germany and Russia on Top

Friends, in any war, the weapon of any army is the greatest strength of the military. The military truck is one of the important weapons of the army, so we are going to talk about the top 10 amazing military trucks in the world right now.


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1. Aditya MPV, INDIA


This is the best military trucks India has also it is the best military truck in the world. Aditya MPV is also one of the major trucks of the Indian Army. Aditya MPV is a bulletproof truck that can withstand all 7mm TMT blasts. Aditya is manufactured in India in the Ordnance Factory of Andhra Pradesh. The credit for bringing it goes to General JJ Singh. It is a bulletproof truck which helps a lot in keeping enemies away. This truck is capable of moving smoothly on and off-road and everywhere.

2. Mercedes-Benz Unimog, Germany

Mercedes-Benz Unimog, Germany

This truck is used in more than 30 countries army of the world German army is on the top of feet this truck production begins during Second World War this truck can carry more than 1200 to 7500 weight at once. This runs on diesel and has a very crucial role in the army. These trucks are ready for any work like carrying the soldiers to the war zones or carrying heavy weapons for them. These trucks have a very good grip both on-road and off-road. They move with very good speed.

3. Tatra Military Trucks, India

Tatra Military Trucks, India

It would not be wrong if Tata Military Trucks are called the best military trucks in the world. This truck is present in the Army of Russia, Israel, Australia and India from 4 by 4 to 12 by 12 configurations. These trucks are very heavy and they are specially made to run in rugged areas. These trucks are known for their gripping and it also runs very hard. This truck can carry weight up to 20 to 30 tons and they can easily pull Aircraft of weight 80 to 100 tons. They are good both on-road and off-road.

4. Man SX, Germany

Man SX, Germany

During the beginning, Main SX used to work in German forces but now this truck is included in the army of countries like Germany, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom and Malaysia. This truck can carry 14 to 16 ton of load simultaneously. It can be changed to a bunker at any time. It is fireproof as well as Grenade-proof. It is designed to move soldiers from one place to another in wartime. At the same time, it has the power to bring down the big trees.

5. URL 4320, Russia

URL 4320, Russia

These Russian military trucks Model were specially built to run in water, such trucks can run up to a depth of 2 meters, this truck is one of the best military trucks in the world. This truck can even survive in a different type of climates. They are designed in such a way that they can run very comfortably from minus 50-degree temperature to plus 50-degree temperature. This truck is currently available in the Russian Army.

6. KrAZ 6322, Ukraine

KrAZ 6322, Ukraine

KrAZ truck is present in the Army of countries like Angola, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Yemen. These trucks are made in Ukraine. These trucks were mainly used for transporting heavy weapons from one place to another. This truck can carry a payload of upto 7 tons. These trucks are much more powerful and can easily carry large aircraft but they are known for their on-road and off-road capability.

7. Kamaz, Russia

Kamaz, Russia

This truck is present in the Russian Army. These trucks seem to be unbreakable. For the first time, these trucks were produced in 2003, at that time it was not thought that these trucks will become the world best. The speciality of these trucks is their body. It is bulletproof along with being Grenade proof. They were built keeping in mind the war, so they can walk easily on any kind of path. This truck can carry a weight of up to 6 tons simultaneously.

8. Henry, US

Henry, US

This truck comes in the configuration of 8 by 8. It is used by the US Army. This truck was built for its speed. Their speciality is that it can run with maximum speed even on a hard surface but on a soft surface it can run at speeds of more than 100km/hr. These trucks were built for the US Army in an emergency. These trucks have an engine of 400 hp. It does not run only fast but also consumes less fuel. The configuration of these trucks can be changed from 8 by 8 to 8 by 4 for more speed.



This truck is also a part of the big army of all the United States. It was launched in 1985. This truck is also present in the Army of Afghanistan. This truck belongs in a configuration of 10 by 10 and is mainly built to run off-road. It has been said that this truck can carry goods of 12-ton capacity off-road, while these trucks can carry more than 20 tons on road.

10. IVECO M250, Italy

IVECO M250, Italy

This truck carrying a load of more than 5 tons is the main weapon of the army like Belgium and Italy. IVECO has always been made a great truck by the company and the M250 is said to be its best truck. The speciality of this truck is its engine. The M250 model has engines ranging from 400 to 450 hp. This truck has been with the Italian Army since 2003. It can be converted from tractors to dump trucks to load handling systems.

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