TOP 1O SPY AGENCIES IN THE WORLD, India, Israel, US, UK, Pakistan On Top; Russia not in List

An intelligence agency essentially functions as a nervous system in the defense configuration of any country, which is responsible for providing vital information to law enforcement and armed forces on possible threats to national security. .


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So what makes one spy agency better than another? Is it because of a colossal budget or hard and relentless training, or just because of the technology they use? Well, it’s actually a mixture of all of those things. So, here are the top 10 spy agencies in the world.


Establishment13 December, 1949
Head QuarterTel Aviv, Israel
Budget$ 2.73 billion

MOSSAD has been a great Spy Agency since its establishment in 1949.It has a great challenge of protecting its country from its enemies all around. Being only a Jews state it has also a additional task to protect its citizens and other citizens of Jews community. In recent time MOSSAD has been successful in tying Israel relationships with some Arabian Nations like UAE and Bahrain. This shows that MOSSAD is well capable with its Diplomacy as well.

It is said about MOSSAD that they finds and kills their enemies from every corner of the world. They has done many such operations in other countries and killed their enemies.

MOSSAD had also carried out a dangerous operation in Uganda. Its name was Operation Entebbe, in which militants were killed without permission by entering Ugandan airport in 1976 and rescued 54 Israeli civilians from their clutches. The Israeli army played a key role in this dangerous operation.

Eli Cohen, who is said to be bravest and boldest spy of Israel is famous worldwide. It is said that he was going to become Syrian defense minister, but later he was caught and hanged in the middle of road due to his mistake in front of hundreds of people.

The MOSSAD came into the limelight thanks to “Operation Wrath of God,” an effective MOSSAD revenge story for the slaughter of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich, Germany.

The MOSSAD has played a very crucial role in the destabilization of the nuclear programs of their main enemy countries like Iraq, Syria and Iran.

2. CIA

Establishment18 September, 1947
Head QuarterVirginia, USA
Budget$ 15 billion

It is World’s best Intelligence agency in terms of success rate and technological advantages. Its Agents are almost in all the countries living legally or illegally.

The CIA has also experimented with the use of cats as spies. In 1967, the CIA spent about $ 20 million on an experiment called “Acoustic Kitty”.

CIA wives were also spies .When the CIA was just starting out, most of the CIA’s agents were men. However, sometimes the wives of these social workers had to be included in the plan. This led to the wives being used as secret spies. If a case officer needed to meet someone but could not do so without raising suspicion, then he might have to send his wife to meet that person.

The CIA found and killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, accused of being the mastermind of the September 11 attack in America. Operation was carried out with U.S Navy Seals.

3. SIS (MI6)

EstablishmentJuly, 1909
Head QuarterLondon, England
Budget$ 4.59 billion

SIS is undoubtedly best Spy Agency in the world in terms of its performance. It has conducted highest Operations than any other Spy Agency. It has been serving since start of 19th century and is considered as oldest Intelligence Agency. It has conducted missions in Russia, Iran, Iraq, China and in almost all countries. It has 2nd highest success rate, only after CIA.

SIS agents hacked an online Al Qaeda magazine and replaced bomb-making instructions with cupcake recipes. They are also called MI6. Their intelligence agent are said to be using technology such as a camera in a matchbox and a variety of other secret equipment.

MI6 and the CIA helped topple the democratically elected Iranian prime minister and replaced him with an authoritarian monarch for oil control.

During World War II, a man named Cecil Williamson served as an MI6 spy with a focus on Nazi occultism. He later became a mysterious wizard who wields magic and befriends the founder of Wicca.

MI6 used sperm as invisible ink during WWI

4. ISI

Establishment1 January, 1948
Head QuarterIslamabad, Pakistan
Budget$ 300-400 million

Few years ago ISI was number 1 Spy Agency in the world but after Imran Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan ISI has lost its top status and its influence is falling day by day on world stage. Rather its Arch rival RAW has been successful in going Top the order by its great diplomacy and Powerful Leader. Ignorance of Pakistan on world stage even by its close friend China, is a major failure of ISI.

ISI is considered to be the world’s largest intelligence agency in terms of personnel and zero Double agents across the globe.

Operation Cyclone- ISI & CIA World top and the most powerful intelligence agencies with mutual coordination launched Operation Cyclone in Afghanistan to defeat the invasion of the USSR. It continued from 1979 to 1988. The United States provided $ 8 billion for its support. ISI effectively executed the plan. Pakistan has provided training and support to the Afghan mujahedin to fight for their freedom. It has been very successful so far. No one knew that this would lead to the worst consequences in the times to come.

MOSSAD and RAW, jointly planned a mission to damage Pakistan’s plan for nuclear bomb testing. Few of Israel’s fighter jets flew to Pathankot. They were ready for execution. Pakistan has planned its own security plan. Pakistan initially marked many places for testing. Later, Chagi was finalized. Pakistan Air Force C-130 transport planes were used to transport the equipment. Each aircraft was guarded by 6 newly acquired F-16s. In this way, ISI passed the nuclear tests.

5. RAW

Establishment21 September, 1968
Head QuarterNew Delhi, India
Budget$ 600-700 million
Employee8,000- 10,000

In recent time RAW has been on its peak. NSA Ajit Doval has increased its funding and operation against its twofaced Neighbors like China and Pakistan. They have caught many ISI Agents from U.P and New Delhi in recent years. They have outmastered the Chinese expansion plans on Laddakh and Arunachal Pradesh.

In 1984, in a very important appeal to the Indian Army, RAW informed that the Pakistani operation “Ababeel” planned to capture the Saltoro Ridge in Siachen. With timely advice, the Indian army was able to launch Operation “Meghdoot”, which forced the Pakistani army to retreat before it could even enter the territory.

RAW succeeded in exploiting the telephone conversation that took place between then-Pakistani Army chief Parvez Musharraf and his Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Mohammed Aziz, which confirmed the involvement of the Pakistan in the Kargil incursion.

In 1971 war, RAW played an very important role. It intercepted Pakistani plan of attacking Indian Aircraft carrier near Chennai port and provided timely intelligence of Pakistani army plans during war. It played a major role in creating Bangladesh.

Also in 1974, RAW played a vital role in keeping the first Indian nuclear test a secret. Even countries like China and the United States were not aware of this activity from India.

Ravindra Kaushik was a famous theater artist and placed as a spy by RAW officials in 1975 in Pakistan where he managed to join the Pakistani army and attain the rank of “major”. He saved the lives of thousands of Indians by sending valuable information to intelligence agencies. And so, he received the title “Black Tiger” by RAW.

6. BND

Establishment1 April, 1956
Head QuarterBerlin, Germany
Budget$ 1.15 billion

They have largest economy in Europe. Hence to maintain this internal and external securities are also important. So they also spent a lot on their Intelligence network since WW1.

In 1981, when the UK fought Argentina in the Falklands War, the BND and the CIA transmitted intercepted communications from Argentina to Britain.

The BND and the CIA were also aware of the torture and murder perpetrated by dictatorships in South America. They knew when coups were planned and when massacres were committed.

In Munich in 1970, representatives of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and their counterparts from the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency signed a top-secret deal to spy on calls of all Powerful world leaders.


Establishment2 April, 1982
Head QuarterParis, France
Budget$ 878 million

They are most Powerful Country in Europe. So they have to also keep a strong network of Intelligence to protect their nation from other internal and external threat.

The DGSE has had several successes. One of the first achievements was the sale of 40 Mirage 2000 fighter-bombers to India. France competed with the United States and the Soviet Union for the sale of a new fighter plane to the Indian Air Force.

In 1988, French agents of the DGSE identified the airport from which Boeing was to carry out the test flights of the Boeing 747-400, whose air-ground communication was not encrypted, and intercepted the data transmitted by the prototype from a house near the airport. In addition, a group of French Airbus affiliates attempted to purchase a Boeing supplier with the intention of finding out “Boeing’s processes, capabilities, costs, specifications and future plans.


Establishment29 June, 1984
Head QuarterOttawa
Budget$ 516 million

CSIS is neither a police service nor part of the military.

As an intelligence agency, CSIS’s primary role is not law enforcement. In 2013, Federal Court Judge Richard Mosley blamed CSIS for deliberately misleading the Federal Court into allowing it to authorize other agencies to spy on Canadians abroad, which is not permitted by Canadian law.

CSIS has been criticized at times, notably for its role in the investigation of the Air India bombing in 1985.

On September 18, 2006, the Arar Commission acquitted CSIS of any involvement in the extraordinary handover by the United States of Canadian citizen Maher Arar.


Establishment13 May, 1952
Head QuarterCanberra, Australia
Budget$ 468 million
Employee3,000- 4,000

ASIS was at one point called MO9.

On November 1, 1972, ASIS was remarkably denounced by the Daily Telegraph, which published a report concerning the recruitment of ASIS agents in Australian universities for espionage activities in Asia.

Between 1989 and 1991, ASIS came under scrutiny following allegations about its role and activities in Papua New Guinea. It has been alleged that ASIS had participated in the training of Papua New Guinean troops to suppress independence movements in Irian Jaya.

They are also accused of their major role and presence as Sandline entrepreneurs in relation to the independence movement in Bougainville.

10. MSS

EstablishmentJuly, 1983
Head QuarterBeijing, China
Budget$ 8 billion
Employee12,000- 15,000

Some of China’s intelligence agents, who would later become senior officials after 1949, began their careers in Calcutta and New Delhi.

The Chinese intelligence network in India was developed by the intelligence assets created in wartime. As a prelude to China’s military occupation of Tibet, hundreds of Chinese intelligence personnel have dispersed in Tibet and Sinkiang. They also settled on both sides of the Indo-Tibetan border from Ladakh to NEFA. The culture of spies, agents, informers and sympathizers in India has started.

Ron Hansen , is a former DIA officer fluent in Mandarin and Russian who had already received thousands of dollars from Chinese intelligence operatives for several years by the time the FBI caught him.

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