TOP SECRET PLACES IN THE WORLD – Is there an Alien base in India?

A country will only be powerful through its economy and military strength, and to maintain a good army large secret military bases must be present. Secret military bases will be useful for developing various secret weapons, fighter planes and other military equipment without the knowledge of others. These top secret places should also be protected to preserve the technology which is under development that may surprise the opponent in war.

List of Top Secret places in the world

  1. Area 51, Nevada, USA
  2. Kapustin Yar, Russia
  3. Porton Down, England
  4. Pine Gap, Australia
  5. Yukon Naval base, China
  6. Pokharan, Rajasthan
  7. Kongka La pass, Himalayan ranges, Ladakh

Area 51, Nevada, USA


The official name of this place is Groom Lake. It is the most secret and highly protected place in the whole world. Many people believe that the USA has captured aliens and UFO and kept in this place. They have also developed many of their warplanes by reverse-engineering the UFO technologies. Many times UFO has been seen in the sky since the 1960s near area 51. This place is so secret that even satellite it does not show its images on Google map. Peoples are not allowed to visit this area and its government warning that anybody trying to come near this area will be shot down.

Kapustin Yar, Russia

Top Secret places

There is an underground base in Kapustin Yar called Zhitkur Underground base. It is also called area 51 of Russia. There has been a lot of UFO sighting in this area from Soviet Union days. Sputnik satellite of Russia was launched from this place. Many people believe that Soviet jets have fought with UFOs in the sky of Kapustin Yar. The main centre of this underground base is located 400 below the Earth’s surface. Many people believe that there are bodies of dead aliens present in those underground base.

Porton Down, England

Porton Down

Many people believe that this is the centre of England’s chemical and biological weapons. It is the world’s oldest chemical weapon development centre. It was set up in 1916 and a large amount of chemical and biological weapons were made in this place during World War 2. Many of these weapons were tested on rodent- Guinea pig. Some of the chemicals were also tested on domestic and wild animals without government permission. Today this place is called Military Science Park. This place was so secret that no one has ever known about its existence but it was revealed by the British government itself in the 1960s.

Pine Gap, Australia

Pine Gap

This place is located in the northern region of Australia. This place is very sparsely populated. There have been many incidents of UFO sighting in the 1970s and 80s. This place was developed with the help of the USA government. Many people believe that this place is operated by the CIA to keep an eye on Russian and Chinese movement in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Officially this place is established for a satellite tracking system.

Yukon Naval base, China

Yukon Naval base

It is regarded as the nuclear submarine base of China. This Naval base is located at a very important strategic point. China regulates all its trade through this strategic point. This place is very close to the Strait of Malacca, Sunda Strait, and Lombok Strait. It is said that more than 20 nuclear-capable submarines can dock at this place.

This place is a very important location for trading in Southeast Asian countries and it is also a very important location from where patrolling the South China Sea becomes easier. No one knows about this place until the U.S revealed it in 2008 by satellite images. Images show that mountain base is cut into submarine pens. Full information is still not available because no one is allowed to visit that place except government officials.

Pokharan, Rajasthan


This place is one of the most secret places in India. This place came into the Limelight when India conducted its first nuclear test on 18 May 1974. This test was named as smiling Buddha. This test was kept so secret that even CIA and ISI agents could not track the movement of nuclear material and high-level preparation of this test. Even American satellite passing through this region 24 hours a day does not have any information about Indian plans.

Due to its secrecy, India also conducted their second Nuclear test Operation Shakti on May 1998. This place is heavily secured by Indian armed forces and even entry of government officials without proper authorization is not permitted. India has conducted its entire nuclear test in this region and even today no one knows what Indian scientists are preparing next.

Kongka La pass, Himalayan ranges, Ladakh

Kongka La pass

This place is situated near the Indo China border. There have been many UFO sightings since the 1960s. Villagers living in that area have seen many UFO flying in the sky from time to time. There have been also many search operations conducted by the Indian Army in those mountains. People have seen lights in the sky without any sound. Generally, planes flying in the sky make louder sounds, so that cannot be a common military plane.

ISRO has also been informed regarding this incidence much time but they always took it very lightly which shows that they are aware of this incident. Indian Army has also told reporters not to leak any information regarding this incident. But further, this news was out by the local newspaper. It may be possible that it is the site of Indian defence forces where they are developing the future weapons and this may be a demonstration of one of their underdeveloped project. It is also said that this area is alien base and alien visit it from time to time.

There were many other top secret places in other countries but their secrecy was broken as time passed but these places still stand out as same as it were decades ago. May be in future we will find out whats actually their but for now, we can only imagine.

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