TROPEX-21: Combat Kh35E Anti-Ship Missiles Successfully Test Fired By Indian Navy’s Ilyushin 38SD Aircraft

The Combat Kh35E anti-ship missiles were successfully fired by the Indian naval force’s Ilyushin 38SD aircraft amidst the ongoing Theatre Level Readiness and Operational Exercise 2021 (TROPEX-21), Defence News reports.

After the purchase of Rafael and Tejas, India is eyeing the purchase of second generation modern aircraft.

The defence ministry’s statement revealed that the Combat Kh35E missiles managed to successfully hit and sink the required target on 31st January.

The release further read that this exercise has strengthened the Indian Navy’s ability to conduct long-range maritime strikes in the Indian Ocean Region. It further said that doing so is particularly significant in terms of fulfilling the operational challenges and to maintain safe seas along with secure coasts.

The statement further mentioned, “TROPEX 21 is aimed at testing combat readiness of the Navy along with the assets of the Air Force, Army and Coast Guard in a “complex multi-dimensional exercise set in the context of the current geo-strategic environment.”

The TROPEX is an inter-service military exercise that aims to strengthen the joint operations of the Indian armed forces. It also attempts to verify the combat preparedness of the nation’s naval units.

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