Worst Terrorist Attacks In India During Narendra Modi Government And Revenge Taken By Indian Army

Here is the list of terrorist attacks in India after 2014, that is, during the Narendra Modi government. Whenever a terrorist attack is launched in India, the Indian military has responded fearlessly and has killed almost twice or more terrorists than the Indian casualties. Most of these attacks are launched against Indian Army personnel.

Is India Spreading Terrorism in Pakistan? Pakistani army and civilians killed.

Pulwama Attack 2019

terrorist attacks in india

This attack was carried out on a convoy of CRPF personnel vehicles passing through the Jammu Srinagar national road. This attack was carried out in Lethpora in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir.

The responsibility of this attack was taken by Jaish-e- Mohammed which is a terrorist organisation of Pakistan. This attack was a vehicle-borne suicide bomber conducted by Adil Ahmad Dar. In this attack 40 CRPF personnel were dead and 35 more were critically injured.


As retaliation, India conducted an airstrike on 26 February 2019. This strike was carried out in Balakot region of Pakistan occupied Kashmir POK. 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets were used by IAF to drop bombs on the training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Indian reports suggest that almost 300 to 350 terrorist were killed in this bombing. But Pakistani government denied any attack and stated that IAF fighters Jet flew away when they saw Pakistani fighter Jets dropping their bombs in the forest.

Uri Attack 2016


This attack was carried out on September 18, 2016, by 4 heavily armed terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammed. This attack was carried out against the Indian armed forces of the Dogra and Bihar regiment.

This attack was done in Army headquarter of Uri, Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. 19 soldiers of Bihar and Dogra regiment were reported dead along with 30 other injured. The terrorist launched their attack around 5:30 a.m. by heavy gun firing and grenade attacks on Indian Army when the soldiers were sleeping.


Later on 28th September the Indian Army conducted surgical strikes in Pakistan and destroyed the militants’ launch pads. Indian government reports that 8 launch pads located at different regions of POK were destroyed and around 150 terrorists were killed. But the Pakistani government denied any attack.

Manipur Ambush 2015

Manipur Ambush

This attack was carried out by terrorists from the United Liberation Front of Western Southeast Asia (UNLFW). The attack was carried out on June 4, 2015, in Chandel district, Manipur, when a military convoy of the Dogra regiment of the Indian army was passing through the area.

At first, the terrorist conducted a TNT blast on the first vehicle then open fired on the other vehicles from both the sides of the road. After the attack, the terrorist ran through the forest and crossed the Indo- Myanmar border. In this attack, 18 soldiers have reported death and 15 others were critically injured.

Myanmar attack

As retaliation, the Para SF of Indian Army conducted a surgical strike in Myanmar. The strike was conducted on 9 June 2015 on the camp of NSCN-K terrorist organisation in which 38-40 terrorists were reported dead. But Myanmar Government and NSCN-K denied any attack on them.

Assam Violence 2014

Assam Violence 2014

It was a series of attack conducted by militants of the national democratic front of Bodoland in May and December 2014.

In May series of attacks were conducted on Bengali Muslims by NDFB. One of the attacks was carried out in the village of Narsingbari of Baksa district in which resulted in the death of 3 women. On 2 May similar attacks in Balapara village of Kokrajhar district killed 7 people.

Similar attack again carried out on 2 May evening near Manas National park in Baksa. On 3 May 2 militants were killed by Assam police when they attacked the police station.

Again in December violence broke out in Assam between Bodo people and Adivasi people. Most casualties were reported in Chirang, Kokrajhar and Sonitpur district of Assam. NDFB thinks themselves as a representator of Bodo people in Assam. The other militant group Adivasi Cobra Force thinks themselves as a representator of Adivasi people in Assam.

These two militant groups are on a war with each other and kill their ethnic community. On 23 December 2014 NDFB militants killed 65 Adivasi people as a revenge of the death of their two members who were killed by Assam police in an encounter, the angry Adivasi people and Adivasi Cobra force took Revenge by killing 17 Bodo people.

In both of these occasions, a total of 120 peoples were killed.


The Indian Army launched operation all out on 26 December 2014 to eliminate all the militants of NDFB. Around 5000 CRPF soldiers and 4500 soldiers of Indian Army were deployed for this operation. Around 80 terrorists of this organisation were killed by the army.

Sunjuwan Attack 2018

Sunjuwan Attack

This attack was carried out by Jaise Mohammed terrorist group of Pakistan. This attack was conducted on 10th February 2018 on Indian army camp of Sunjuwan. 3 Terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammed infiltrated the Resident headquarter of Indian Army and open fired on the guards. 6 soldiers and one civilian were killed and 11 others were reported injured. The Indian Army also killed the three terrorists responsible for the attack in the retaliation fire.

Later, Mufti Waqas who was the mastermind of this attack and commander of Jaish-e-Mohammed was killed by the Indian Army on 5th March 2018 in Awantipur.

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